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Personal Injury Cases We Handle

Our dedicated lawyers handle all types of Port Huron personal injury claims, from medical neglect to nursing home abuse and pedestrian accidents. These include:

Auto Accident Cases in Port Huron

Car crashes can happen on any street in Port Huron, from major highways to narrow residential streets.

Some of the most highly trafficked roads in the area that can be particularly dangerous include:

  • Blue Water Bridge
  • Highway 402
  • I-69
  • I-94
  • BL I-69
  • BL I-94
  • M-25
  • M-29
  • M-136

Port Huron Personal Injury Lawyer

According to the Michigan State Police, a total of 3,726 traffic accidents occurred in 2018 in St. Clair County, which Port Huron is the county seat of. 657 of these accidents caused some sort of injury, and 16 resulted in at least one fatality.

Data compiled by the Michigan State Police Traffic Crash Reporting Unit also demonstrates the most dangerous intersections in Port Huron:

Port Huron IntersectionsCrashesInjuries
1. Pine Grove Ave at Sanborn St251
2. 10th St at I 68 BL214
3. I 94 at Pine Grove Ave E202
4. Holland Ave at Pine Grove Ave194
5. Hancock St at Pine Grove Ave142
6. 10th Ave at Pine Grove Ave141
7. Pine Grove Ave at Elmwood St124
8. 10th Ave at Water St105
9. Pine Grove Ave at Garfield St96
10. I 94/Pine Grove Ramp at Harker St94

If you or a loved one was injured in a crash, you should reach out to a Port Huron car accident lawyer for help.

At Buckfire Law, our experienced attorneys handle all types of auto accident cases, including:

Injuries from Bus Crash

The City of Port Huron is served by the Blue Water Area Transit system, which provides bus transportation six days a week throughout the Port Huron and Fort Gratiot Township regions.

Various commercial bus services, including Greyhound and Megabus, operate in the area as well.

Unfortunately, bus accidents remain a significant source of personal injuries in Port Huron. Yearly injuries due to bus crashes nationwide reached a peak of nearly 38,000 in 2013, and while that total has fluctuated in the years following, these types of accidents still present a constant danger to Port Huron residents.

Filing suit against a municipal authority in Michigan can be complicated, but it is not impossible. A skilled lawyer could help an individual victim in a Port Huron bus accident explore their legal options.

When Should I Call an Attorney in Port Huron?

Whether your injuries arose from a doctor’s error, a dog bite, auto accident, or other incident, it is best to hire a knowledgeable Port Huron lawyer to help with your personal injury case.

It may take time for the full effects of your injury to become apparent. However, it is still crucial to contact an attorney after an accident so that they can get started on your case as soon as possible, before time passes and evidence fades.

Can I File a Lawsuit for a Dog Bite in Port Huron?

Under Michigan Compiled Laws §287.351, dog owners in Port Huron (and throughout Michigan) bear strict liability for any dog bite injuries caused by their pet.

They may also be held liable if they negligently allow their dog to cause injury in another way besides a bite.

However, a person injured by a dog bite in Port Huron cannot file suit under all circumstances. If it is found they provoked the dog in question or were trespassing at the time, they would not have grounds to recover compensation for a dog bite.

Port Huron has a tragic history of dog bite cases, punctuated by the death of 22-year-old Rebecca Hardy from a pit bull attack in 2015.

YearTotal Dog Bites & Attacks

An experienced Port Huron dog bite lawyer can help anyone injured by a dog bite in Port Huron take appropriate legal action in an attack.

Local Dog Ownership Ordinances

According to the City of Port Huron Municipal Code, it is illegal for a dog owner to let their dog run at large outside their property without being leashed.

Residents also cannot keep dogs who consistently bark, howl, or make any other noise loud enough to disturb other residents.

Upon investigation, an Animal Control Officer may file a complaint with a judge about a dog that meets any of the following criteria defined by Port Huron Municipal Code §8-43:

  • Consistently trespasses on other people’s property
  • Frequently barks, howls, or makes enough noise to be considered a nuisance
  • Has bitten or attacked another person
  • Has acted aggressively and viciously towards passersby on public streets

The judge may then order a hearing and, at their discretion, order the dog to be confined on the owner’s property or destroyed. Animal Control Officers may also impound animals at large and those considered to be a public nuisance.

Port Huron Municipal Code §8-50 requires any person over 18 responsible for a dog to remain at the scene of a bite and provide certain information. Failure to do so is a misdemeanor offense, punishable by up to three months in jail and/or a $500 fine.

Medical Malpractice Cases

Residents of Port Huron can usually depend on quality medical care from any of the region’s healthcare facilities.

Whether a patient seeks treatment at McLaren Port Huron, Lake Huron Medical Center, or any other clinic in St. Clair County, they should be able to trust the skill and dedication of the doctors and nurses caring for them.

Unfortunately, mistakes can still happen even among medical professionals, often with devastating outcomes for patients.

Any time someone is hurt due to a healthcare provider’s negligence, they can file a civil lawsuit for medical malpractice.

Some of the most common types of negligence that appear in Port Huron hospitals and clinics include misdiagnosis, errors during surgery, failure to diagnose an injury or condition, and errors during childbirth. All of these may result in catastrophic harm to a patient.

Depending on the circumstances, it may be possible to sue an individual doctor or the hospital that employed them.

A medical malpractice lawyer in Port Huron could help determine if you have a case if you or a loved one was injured by a negligent doctor.

Taking Legal Action for Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse

Several nursing homes and long-term care facilities call Port Huron home, including Marwood Nursing and Rehab, Sanborn Gratiot Memorial Home, and Visiting Angels in St. Clair.

While these facilities and others like them usually provide quality care to all their residents, neglect and abuse are unfortunately still rampant in many Michigan nursing homes.

Nursing home abuse can be physical, emotional, sexual, or even financial in nature. Likewise, neglect may entail a staff member failing to provide clean linens, medical carelessness leading to prescription errors and bedsores, malnutrition, or a number of other forms of harm.

Anyone whose family member suffered mistreatment in a Port Huron care facility should get in touch with a nursing home abuse lawyer as soon as possible.

What is the Statute of Limitations in Port Huron?

Time is almost always a factor when filing a personal injury lawsuit in Port Huron. Failure to meet these deadlines could result in a case being lost forever.

For most personal injury cases, MCL §600.5805(2) sets a statutory deadline of three years following an accident in which an injured person must file suit. For cases involving medical malpractice or neglect in a nursing home, this deadline is shortened to two years.

Under certain circumstances, there are exceptions to these deadlines that may allow for a longer filing period. Regardless, it is essential to work with a Port Huron personal injury lawyer to avoid violating the statute of limitations for a potential case.

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Information About the City of Port Huron

Port Huron is located on the eastern side of Michigan’s lower peninsula and serves as the County seat of St. Clair County. The city’s population was 30,184 as of the 2010 census. Port Huron is located along the St. Clair River. The Blue Water Bridge connects the city to Point Edward, Ontario in Canada.

Port Huron is the largest city in the thumb area of Michigan, and is a center for industry and trade for the region. The largest employers in the area include:

  • McLaren Port Huron
  • SMR Automotive
  • ZF Marysville
  • Lake Huron Medical Center
  • Meijer
  • Chassix
    US Farathane
  • Adler Pelzer
  • Mueller Brass
  • Grupo Antolin

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