If you or a loved one was injured in an accident, you might be facing physical and emotional trauma, an extensive recovery time, and mounting medical bills despite being unable to return to work. However, you have legal options and might be able to pursue compensation with the help of a Battle Creek personal injury lawyer.

Navigating the legal system alone is often difficult, even when your injuries are apparent. However, by working with a dedicated attorney, you could have help to gather evidence and demonstrate the full extent of your losses for a claim.

Determining Fault in Battle Creek

For an injury claim to be valid, a claimant must be able to demonstrate that another person was responsible for their injuries. This might come about through a car crash, doctor error, or fall injury on an unsafe property, among countless other circumstances. No matter the cause, however, the claimant must show that a defendant a had duty of care, breached this duty, and caused an accident that resulted in the claimant’s injuries.

For example, a truck driver has a legal duty to drive safely. Therefore, if they speed and cause a crash that injures another motorist, this might be clear legal grounds for an injury claim. Sometimes, however, these cases intersect with Michigan’s comparative fault laws outlined in Mich. Comp. Law §600.2959.

Essentially, a jury is responsible for assigning blame and can even apportion fault as they see fit. Therefore, if a jury determines that a plaintiff is partially responsible for their injuries, their compensation might be reduced proportionately to their percentage of fault. A seasoned Battle Creek personal injury lawyer could help to gather evidence of negligence and work to determine who carries a higher percentage of fault.

The Role of an Attorney in a Personal Injury Case

No one injured in Michigan is ever required to obtain legal assistance. However, it is strongly advised that anyone looking to seek compensation reach out to a legal professional for help. Even a relatively simple case can involve mountains of paperwork and the necessity to gather medical records, bills, and other pertinent evidence, as well as the ability to negotiate with insurance companies.

A Battle Creek personal injury lawyer could help with every stage of the process. First, an attorney could help by trying to gather the evidence needed for a claim. This might include witness statements about the incident, security camera footage, and even an accident reconstruction report. Furthermore, a lawyer could work tirelessly to form this evidence into a precise claim that outlines the full extent of a claimant’s losses, as well as why a defendant is at fault.

Reach out to a Battle Creek Personal Injury Attorney for Help 

When the careless, reckless, or malicious actions of another person cause you harm, you should not have to pay for the required medical expenses, missed wages, and other accident-related losses. By filing a claim for compensation, you could work to hold the negligent parties accountable.

However, navigating the legal alone is often daunting, especially as you recover from your injuries. A Battle Creek personal injury lawyer might be able to help. An experienced attorney could discuss your unique circumstances, build a claim that suits your needs, and work tirelessly to get you the compensation you need. To schedule a consultation, call a legal professional at the Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. today.

Information About the City of Battle Creek

Battle Creek was founded in 1831 and was eventually incorporated in 1859. Located in Northwest Calhoun County the city lies at the merging point of both the Kalamazoo River and the Battle Creek River. Nicknamed the “Cereal City,” Battle Creek is home to the Kellogg Company and Post Foods. It is the third largest city by area in Michigan.

Battle Creek Area Legal Resources

As a resource for our Battle Creek personal injury clients, we are providing you with a list of important contacts for accidents and injuries in Battle Creek. You can obtain reports and other information from these places. If you choose us for your Battle Creek, personal injury attorneys, to handle your case, we will get all of the information for you.

Battle Creek Police Department

20 N.Division St.
Battle Creek, MI 49037
(269) 966-3375
Fax: (269) 962-0102
View Car Accident Reports

>Battle Creek Fire Department

195 East Michigan Avenue
Battle Creek, MI 49014
(269) 966-3519

Battle Creek Health System Hospital

300 North Ave

Battle Creek, MI 49017

(269) 964-5851

Request Medical Records

Battle Creek Health System Hospital

300 North Ave

Battle Creek, MI 49017

(269) 964-5851

Request Medical Records

Calhoun County Medical Examiner

315 W. Green Street

Marshall, MI 48068

(269) 781-0730

View Autopsy Reports

Calhoun County Health Department

190 E. Michigan Ave

Battle Creek, MI 49014

(269) 969-6370

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