Michigan cerebral palsy settlements are based upon the facts each individual case. Cerebral palsy lawuits are one type of medical malpractice case, commonly known as “birth injury” or “birth trauma cases.” Each case is completely different but there are many common things in these cases. The settlement amount of cerebral case depends on a numbe of factors, including:

  • Can it be proved that the cerebral palsy was caused by a medical error or mistake?
  • Was it a hospital, doctor, or nurse that made the medical mistake? (often more than one)
  • How serious is the cerebral palsy condition?
  • What is the long term prognosis for the child?
  • What are the special education, housing, and medical needs for the child?
  • What are the lifetime costs associated with caring for the child?
  • How have the parents been impacted emotionally and financially from this medical mistake?

Our Michigan Cerebral Palsy Settlements

  • $1,950,000 Settlement for a child who suffered fetal asphyxia, resulting in cerebral palsy.
  • $975,000 Settlement against medical providers who were negligent, resulting in cerebral palsy.

More Examples of Michigan Cerebral Palsy Settlements

  • $16,200,000 settlement for a premature baby afflicted with cerebral palsy due to medical negligence at the hospital
  • $12,000,000 settlement for an infant who developed cerebral palsy after birth trauma causing hypoxia-ischemia at a Michigan hospital.
  • $4,500,000 settlement for a premature baby diagnosed with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy after being over-ventilated in the neonatal unit. The hospital staff failed to monitor the baby’s blood levels during his intubation, resulting in decreased cerebral blood flow and causing irreversible brain damage.
  • $4,300,000 settlement for a child who suffered cerebral palsy due to a delay in performing a C-section at the hospital

Our experienced cerebral palsy attorneys will get all of the medical records and determine if there is a cerebral palsy lawsuit claim. If there is a case, we will find the top medical experts in the country to prove our case and win the best settlement for you and your child. Call us at (800) 606-1717 to start your cerebral palsy case today.

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