Michigan cerebral palsy settlements are based upon the facts each individual case. Cerebral palsy lawsuits are one type of medical malpractice case, commonly known as “birth injury” or “birth trauma cases.” Each case is completely different but there are many common things in these cases.

The settlement amount of cerebral case depends on a number of factors, including:

  • Can it be proved that the cerebral palsy was caused by a medical error or mistake?
  • Was it a hospital, doctor, or nurse that made the medical mistake? (often more than one)
  • How serious is the cerebral palsy condition?
  • What is the long term prognosis for the child?
  • What are the special education, housing, and medical needs for the child?
  • What is the lifetime costs associated with caring for the child?
  • How have the parents been impacted emotionally and financially from this medical mistake?

How is the Settlement Amount Determined?

The settlement amount in a cerebral palsy lawsuit is determined after an extensive evaluation of the medical records, the harm suffered, and the future needs of the child.  In most cases, a Life Care Plan is written by an expert hired by our law firm to project the lifetime expenses required to raise, house, educate, and provide necessary medical treatment for the child.  This amount is used in part for determining how much money should be paid in a settlement.

In Michigan, it is required that a judge approve a settlement before it becomes finalized.  This is because the courts want to make sure that the amount paid is in the best interests of your child.  Our lawyers will prepare the legal briefs and file them with the court to get the judge’s approval to settle the case.

Who receives the settlement money?

Settlement funds in cerebral palsy cases are often received by both the parents (and guardians) and the child.  Many times, parents suffer significant economic hardship from raising a special needs child and settlement funds are often designated to them.  The compensation paid to the child is provide lifetime care, treatment, housing, education, and other needs.

Many times, the funds for the child are placed into a structured insurance settlement for payout over the child’s lifetime.  This is especially important because it provides security for parents that their child will be taken care of even when they are gone or no longer able to do it themselves.

What is a Confidential Settlement?

In many cerebral palsy cases, the doctors and hospital require that the settlement be kept confidential from the public.  This is done so that the medical providers’ history of compensation payouts is not part of a public record, especially because most cases are not admitted liability and the settlement is a compromise between the parties.  When a jury verdict is returned in a case, then it is public record and cannot be kept confidential by any party.

Some of Our Michigan Cerebral Palsy Settlements

We have won many confidential settlements for our clients in cerebral palsy lawsuits.  Listed below are results that we are permitted to publish on our website.

  • $4.5 Million Dollars for child that was born with hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) from a lack of oxygen at birth.
  • $3.75 Million Dollars for a new-born child that sustained a brain injury from a failure to diagnose a neonatal brain bleed.
  • $3.25 Million Dollars for a baby who suffered a loss of oxygen at the hospital.
  • $3.0 Million Dollars for a child with cerebral palsy as a result of a failure time deliver her by cesarean section $1,950,000 Settlement for a child who suffered fetal asphyxia, resulting in cerebral palsy.
  • $975,000 Settlement against medical providers who were negligent, resulting in cerebral palsy.
  • Confidential Settlement for a child who suffered from fetal asphyxia resulting in cerebral palsy

More Examples of Michigan Cerebral Palsy Settlements

  • $16,200,000 settlement for a premature baby afflicted with cerebral palsy due to medical negligence at the hospital
  • $12,000,000 settlement for an infant who developed cerebral palsy after birth trauma causing hypoxia-ischemia at a Michigan hospital.
  • $ 7,500,000 settlement for the failure to timely give a blood transfusion after a C-section.
  • $4,500,000 settlement for a premature baby diagnosed with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy after being over-ventilated in the neonatal unit. The hospital staff failed to monitor the baby’s blood levels during his intubation, resulting in decreased cerebral blood flow and causing irreversible brain damage.
  • $4,300,000 settlement for a child who suffered cerebral palsy due to a delay in performing a C-section at the hospital

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