In 2018 alone, there were more than 300,000 traffic crashes in the state of Michigan. With more than 75,000 injuries reported, and almost 1,000 fatalities, car accidents have the potential to affect anyone throughout the state. If you or someone you love was involved in a car accident, or another type of traffic collision or crash, you may be looking for dedicated representation in your legal case.

With one person being injured in a traffic crash every six minutes, many people need fast-acting legal assistance that represents their needs. Those involved in accidents want to know that their legal representation knows what they are doing. This is where reviews for car accident lawyers in Michigan offered by our clients can become crucial.

Choosing a Legal Team for You

Client reviews for car accidents are beneficial for those looking to hire an attorney by giving accounts of client experiences with a law firm, and we are proud to display some of the glowing recommendations our clients have given about our firm.

While you may enjoy talking to a knowledgeable attorney about your case over the phone or in person to understand how the attorney operates, sometimes it is equally as valuable to seek the opinion of clients. For many, the point of view of clients who were involved in a car accident and their review of the case and legal process can be very helpful.

For many people, such as our client Vicki LaBell, this is their first experience needing an attorney or being involved in a car accident. Not only were we there for her throughout her case, we also explained the legal language and situation in a way that, for Vicki, calmed her nerves when dealing with the paperwork and documentation. We could help you in a similar way.

How Car Accident Reviews Can Help You Find the Right Michigan Attorney

Many attorneys have unsupported claims to their success or use fake reviews. At Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C., we take pride in our sincerity and client-first approach.

We recognize that, while we prioritize communication and transparency with our cases and our clients, not every law firm in Michigan operates in the same way. Like our client Christine Anderson says, our attorneys try their best to be professional and available throughout the case process. We understand that clients have questions, and we want to do our best to answer them in language that is understandable and clear.

For Christine, this meant that we were on the phone for her to give her information about her case throughout the journey and when she requested so that she was informed the entire time.

We encourage all of our clients to leave honest reviews about their car accident cases, because we believe that this information is crucial to anyone searching for an experienced car crash attorney. Thankfully, we have worked diligently for our clients and have received many compliments through their informational car crash reviews.

Learn More About Our Reviews Below

Our firm strives to provide the highest quality legal representation and client service for potential and current clientele. We believe that, while our firms’ dedication and compassionate attorneys and staff speak for themselves, those involved in car accidents in Michigan sometimes appreciate the reviews of others in similar situations.

Here are some actual client reviews given by individuals we have helped through the car accident process (not like those actors you see in the TV lawyer ads).

Please do not hesitate to contact us for answers to more complex questions or questions specific to your case. It costs you nothing to get started and contacting an attorney early on in your car accident case could benefit you greatly. In fact, the attorneys Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. collect no fees unless we are able to win your case and secure you a settlement!

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