Our Michigan nursing home abuse settlements are amongst the highest in the entire state. We get substantial settlements for nursing home residents and their families in cases of abuse and neglect. Injuries include bedsores, fractured hips, burn injuries, broken bones, and death.

We can help you if you believe that you or your family member was the victim of neglect in a Michigan nursing home. The negligent provider may be liable for significant damages for the failure to provide appropriate treatment or care, especially when the injuries and the damages caused by the improper treatment are substantial.

How are Michigan Nursing Home Settlements Determined?

The amount of a nursing home settlement depends on a number of different factors. Some of these include:

  • How strong is the case of negligence against the nursing home?
  • Can it be proven that neglect or abuse caused an injury to the patient?
  • What type of injuries or harm did the resident suffer?
  • What kind of medical treatment was needed for the injuries?
  • How much are the medical bills and expenses?

In cases involving death, a settlement also adds compensation for the loss of society and companionship of the family caused by the loss of the loved one.

Examples of Our Michigan Nursing Home Lawsuit Settlements

Our Michigan lawyers that focus on mistreatment in care facilities have obtained significant settlements for abuse and neglect.  A sample of these settlements is listed below for cases that we sued nursing homes for negligence in failing to properly care for elderly residents.

  • $5,000,000 Jury verdict for a Southfield assisted living wrongful death.
  • $3,650,000 Settlement for a Michigan assisted home wrongful death lawsuit.
  • $600,000 Settlement in a wrongful death lawsuit for a fall in a Detroit area nursing home van.
  • $565,000 Settlement for a Northern Michigan nursing home fall injury.
  • $450,000 Settlement for a Hoyer lift fall that caused paralysis in a resident
  • $400,000 Settlement for a sexual assault on a resident suffering from dementia in Macomb County.
  • $325,000 Settlement for a Stage 4 decubitus ulcer requiring flap surgery
  • $300,000 wrongful death settlement for a resident who died from sepsis
  • $290,000 Settlement for a Battle Creek area assisted living fall resulting in death lawsuit.
  • $275,000 Settlement for a Detroit nursing home neglect bedsore complication.
  • $250,000 Settlement for an Ann Arbor resident with a fractured hip when dropped by a nurse.
  • $250,000 pre-suit wrongful death settlement for a fall resulting in a subdural brain bleed
  • $200,000 Settlement for a Wayne County adult foster care (AFC Home) resident with burn injuries.
  • $ 200,000 settlement for the death of a hospice patient resulting from bedrail entanglement
  • $200,000 Settlement for a nursing home resident that fell out of bed in Macomb County.
  • $175,000 Settlement for a Stage IV pressure ulcer in a Rochester skilled nursing facility

Call a Lawyer to Discuss Michigan Nursing Home Abuse Settlements

Every nursing home resident has the legal right to be treated with care and respect. If you believe your loved one was injured due to the neglect, maltreatment, or abuse at a skilled nursing home or assisted living facility, call our experienced lawyers to evaluate your case.

Call us today to discuss your case and get started on a claim.  We will get all of the medical records and nursing home chart for our investigation.  We pay all case costs and there are no legal fees unless you receive a settlement.  If your case is unsuccessful for any reason, you owe us nothing!

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