Deciding to place a loved in a nursing facility is a difficult decision. However, when doing so, you expect that they will be properly attended to and kept healthy within the reasons of their condition. Unfortunately, elderly and immunocompromised nursing home residents are especially vulnerable to contracting infections, especially when staff members are negligent or careless in their duties.

A lawyer who is well-practiced with claims arising from infections and sepsis in Michigan nursing homes might be able to help. If it can be established that a care facility and its staff were negligent, you might be able to request compensation for your loved one’s suffering.

What is Sepsis?

Sepsis is a severe illness that is brought on by a body’s reaction to certain infections. If not treated promptly, sepsis can be severe and even life-threatening. Unfortunately, it is common in elderly nursing home residents which, when combined with neglectful treatment from staff, could be fatal.

As a result, it is important to catch the signs and symptoms of an infection, so that a nursing home resident in Michigan could have the best chance of fighting off sepsis. Signs include confusion, an accelerated respiratory rate, lowered blood pressure, and difficulty breathing. If untreated, typical sepsis can progress to septic shock, which requires immediate medical attention.

Infection Regulations in Care Facilities

When a nursing home accepts a resident, they agree to provide them with personal and medical care that adheres to the current industry standards. As a result, when staff members deviate from this standard, they are legally considered to be negligent. If this negligence causes injuries to a resident, this could be grounds for a civil lawsuit.

For example, nursing facilities must follow cleaning and infection control standards and protocols. Additionally, they must monitor all residents for signs of infection, such as fever, changes in behavior or personality, or complaints of not feeling well. Furthermore, when these signs are present, they need to be brought to the attention of the attending physician.

Therefore, nursing home staff that do not follow infection control standards or properly monitors residents for signs of infection are deviating from this established standard of care. When this leads to infections or sepsis in nursing homes, a Michigan attorney could work to determine how deviations led to a claimant’s injuries.

Determining Fault for a Claim

When nursing home staff neglect to notice an infection or signs of sepsis, they are violating the standards of care and state rights given to all elder residents in Michigan. The Patient’s Bill of Rights can be found in the Michigan Public Health Code, which details the rights that all residents in the state have.

Demonstrating that staff members violated these rights could be persuasive evidence for a civil claim. To this end, an attorney who is familiar with claims arising from infections and sepsis in Michigan nursing home.

Legal Recourse for Infections and Sepsis in Michigan Nursing Facilities

Elderly nursing home residents are naturally prone to developing infections, as well as having difficulty recovering from them. If untreated, serious infections could lead to even more severe medical issues, such as organ failure, sepsis, and even death.

If your loved one suffered from an infection and sepsis in a Michigan nursing home due to maltreatment, a tenacious lawyer at Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. could help you pursue compensation. To take legal action today, call an experienced attorney to schedule a consultation.

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