Our Michigan assisted living lawyers represent residents injured in an assisted living environment.  Families often turn to assisted living facilities when they are unable to care for a loved one in their own home.  These facilities are supposed to safely care for their family member.

In Michigan, approximately 10,000 elderly adults residing in assisted living facilities. Approximately 11,000 elderly adults reside in licensed Homes for the Aged. Tens of thousands of other adults are estimated to be living in a variety of unlicensed community living or retirement residence settings.

These places offer a wide range of supports and services depending on the need of the resident. There is currently no generally accepted definition of assisted living in Michigan.  As such, there is no exact way to count these unlicensed facilities or their resident capacity.

Michigan Assisted Living Facility Lawyer

Assisted Living Injury Types

Like nursing homes, there are common injuries that occur to residents in assisted living centers.  These include:

Many injuries are preventable with proper care and supervision.  Injuries occur when the staff fails to supervise and monitor the resident.  Understaffing and the lack of qualified caregivers also contribute to resident neglect and abuse.

Additionally, many senior citizens are wrongly placed in an assisted living facility when their needs required more skilled care.  The facility and staff are simply not equipped to meet their special needs.

Filing a Michigan Assisted Living Facility Lawsuit

Our attorneys file lawsuits on behalf of residents injured in an assisted living facility.  These lawsuits allege negligence against the facility and staff.  We will get all of the facility and other medical records to determine if there is a case.  If the State of Michigan investigated the incident, we will get the report.

In cases involving a resident death, we will file a wrongful death lawsuit for the family members.

Assisted Living Lawsuit Compensation

Michigan law provides for different types of damage compensation.  Settlements include payment for pain and suffering, fright and shock, and medical expenses.  In cases involving a fatality, the surviving family members can claim damages for the loss of companionship of the relative.  Other claims include the pain and suffering of the decedent before the death and funeral expenses.

Many Michigan assisted living facilities are unlicensed. This means the cases are not held to the same damage limitations used in skilled nursing facility cases.  This allows the resident and family to seek greater compensation than would be permitted in a nursing home lawsuit.

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