After being attacked and bitten by a dog, you may be facing medical bills, an extensive recovery time, and uncertainty over how to proceed. However, a Michigan dog bite lawyer could help to bring a claim for compensation forward on your behalf.

Often, a seasoned attorney at Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. could work to have a claim settled before it reaches trial. Before pursuing compensation, however, it is important to understand how settlement amounts are determined.

How a Settlement Amount is Determined

There is no direct formula or guide to determine the amount of a dog bite settlement. The amount awarded is instead determined by a number of factors, which include:

  • The circumstances of the dog bite or attack
  • The type of injuries suffered by the victim
  • The location of the injuries on the bitten person—such as the legs, arms, or face
  • The amount of medical treatment needed by the victim, as well as the future medical treatment needed
  • Whether there are permanent injuries, scars, or disfigurements
  • The amount of medical expenses, bills, and lost wages incurred by the victim
  • The amount of insurance coverage owned by the dog owner

No matter the circumstances, a knowledgeable Michigan lawyer could evaluate each factor of a case and discuss what is likely to be awarded. Trying to negotiate with an insurance company alone is often difficult, especially due to their numerous tactics to try to get a victim to settle for far less than their claim may be worth. By working with an experienced attorney, a claimant could rest assured that they have a tenacious legal professional on their side who is working tirelessly to get them the highest settlement available.

Examples of Michigan Dog Bite Settlements

At Buckfire & Buckfire, our lawyers work to win the highest settlements under the circumstances and, if need be, the highest jury verdicts. Below are examples of lawsuits won by our law firm for dog bite lawsuits.

  • $485,000 Settlement for a two-year-old girl viciously mauled by a pit bull in St. Clair County
  • $475,000 Settlement for a Michigan woman attacked by a neighbor’s dog that escaped from the yard
  • $320,000 Settlement for a West Michigan attached by a dog while house sitting for a relative
  • $295,000 Settlement for a boy who suffered a fractured skull and facial scars from a vicious dog attack
  • $200,000 Settlement for an Ann Arbor infant who suffered multiple dog bites to his arms and face
  • $225,000 Settlement for a young Warren girl bitten in the face by a neighbor’s dog
  • $175,000 Settlement for an Oakland County woman attacked by two dogs at the same time
  • $175,000 Settlement for a 9-year-old girl attacked by a dog in a Ypsilanti apartment complex
  • $150,000 Settlement for young Saginaw area girl who underwent plastic surgery for a dog bite on her arm
  • $101,000 Settlement for a 3-year-old boy bitten by a dog at a Van Buren County park
  • $100,000 Settlement for Royal Oak woman bitten on her face by a dog in a neighborhood park

Call a Lawyer to Get a Michigan Dog Bite Settlement

After suffering a dog bite, you contact out our Michigan lawyers to discuss your legal options and how to best proceed. Even when injuries are apparent, trying to pursue a claim without legal representation might be disastrous to your case.

The top-rated attorneys at Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. work tirelessly to gather evidence, negotiate with insurance companies, and pursue full and fair compensation on your behalf. To begin building a claim, call today.

$485 Thousand
Dog Attack on Child
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$475 Thousand
$475,000 – Macomb County Dog Bite Settlement Lawyers
$225 Thousand
$225,000- Michigan Dog Bite Injury Settlement
$175 Thousand
$175,000.00 Oakland County Dog Bite Settlement
$150 Thousand
$150,000 Warren Dog Bite Settlement
$150 Thousand
$150,000 Macomb County Dog Bite Settlement for Dog Attack
$122 Thousand
$122,000 South Lyon Dog Bite Settlement – Facial Scarring
$101 Thousand
Van Buren County Dog Bite Leads to $101,000 Settlement
$90 Thousand
$90,000 Dog Bite Jury Verdict in Cass County, Michigan
$67.5 Thousand
$67,500 Dog Bite Settlement For Bite Victim
65 Thousand
$65,000 Settlement for Victim of Dog Attack in Watervliet
$65 Thousand
$65,000 Michigan Dog Bite Arbitration Award