Veterinary technicians (vet techs) and pet groomers work daily with large number of dogs. Many of these dogs have violent propensities and others simply snap and bite during treatment and grooming.

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The injuries are often to the face and arms of the vet tech and result in sizeable scars and disfigurements. Many victims require hospitalization and medical care.

Our experienced dog bite lawyers are frequently contacted by vet techs and pet groomers to see if they can file a claim for personal injury damages.

In most cases, both vet techs and pet groomers have the legal rights to sue the dog owner the injuries. This is true even when it happens in the room while providing care and treatment to the dog.

Liability for Vet Tech & Dog Groomer Attacks

Under the Michigan Dog Bite statute, liability is automatically imposed for a dog attack except under a few limited exceptions. The only defense to the dog owner in these cases is if the victim provoked the attack. However, providing gentle treatment or grooming is not provocation.

If a dog has attacked or bitten before, it is the owner’s responsibility to protect visitors from another attack. Even if the dog has not bitten previously, the dog owner may still liable for the injuries.

Insurance companies may defend the case arguing that these workers assumed the risk of being bitten by the sheer nature of their job alone. However, a person does not consent to a vicious attack based upon their occupation alone. And, owners with vicious dogs need to warn the worker beforehand and place a muzzle on the dog to prevent a potential attack from a dog attack.

There is no “free bite” law in Michigan for first time dog attacks.

Veterinary Tech Dog Bite Settlements

Our attorneys have won substantial settlements for dog groomers and veterinary techs in dog bite lawsuits. We previously won a $150,000 settlement for a vet tech bitten in her face while performing an x-ray of the dog at an office appointment.

The lawsuit demanded compensation for physical pain and suffering, mental anguish, and for the permanent disfiguring scar on the woman’s face caused by the attack. The homeowner’s insurance company for the dog paid the settlement to our client. We have won great settlements for many dog groomers as well.

Pet groomers and vet techs can also file a worker’s compensation claim for lost wages and medical expenses resulting from the attack. The employer should provide information about the insurance company and assist with the filing of the claim.

Many techs and groomers are concerned that some negative action will be taken against the dog and dog owner. However, this generally does not happen.

The injury claim is filed against the insurance company and the settlement gets paid by the insurer, and not the dog owner personally.  Also, insurance rates generally do not increase after the payment of a settlement.

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