Our Michigan dog bite lawyers represent United States postal workers attacked during the course of their job. Mail carrier attacks occur while delivering mail and packages to both businesses and residences. The injuries are often very serious and often require significant medical treatment.

A postal worker or Amazon/UPS delivery driver bitten by a dog can sue the owner or keeper of the dog. An experienced dog bite attorney in Michigan will help win a money settlement as compensation for the attack.

Mail Carrier Dog Bite Attack Statistics

USPS postal worker dog bite statistics
According to the United States Postal Service, there were 5,714 postal employees attacked by dogs in 2018. This number is down more than 500 from the previous year and more than 1,000 since 2016. The reduction is credited with new technology, including a feature that informs the carrier if a dog will likely be at the delivery address.

Despite this reduction, mail carriers are being subjected to terror and injury every day on the job. Many times, the dog is unleashed on the property or escapes from a fenced yard to bite the postal worker. Other times, the dog bites when a package is handed to the property owner.

Can Postal Workers Sue for Dog Bites in Michigan?

Under Michigan law, any person who is lawfully on the property of another and is attacked by a dog can sue for injuries. This includes mail carriers who are working at the time of the attack.

In addition, a postal worker attacked on public property, like a sidewalk or street, can sue the owner or keeper of the dog. Carriers are often attacked while getting out of their truck or walking to deliver the mail. The dog owner must leash or restrain the dog on the property.

The Michigan dog bite law holds the owner, keeper, or harborer of the biting dog liable for money damages to the victim. Under Michigan law, this is strict liability which means the dog owner is automatically liable for damages if the victim is lawfully on the property and does not provoke the dog attack.

A dog owner cannot argue the mail carrier was a trespasser to avoid liability. The carrier has the legal right to be free from a canine attack when delivering the mail.

Frequent Dog Bite Injuries

The most frequent dog bite injuries to postal workers and mail carriers are:

  • Lacerations and puncture wounds to the legs, arms, and fact
  • Nerve damage to the hands and arms from the bite
  • Scars and other serious disfigurements
  • Infections and rabies
  • Broken bones and fractures from fall arising from the attack
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), including anxiety and nightmares
  • Pain and suffering and disability

These injuries are all compensable under Michigan dog bite laws. Many victims, have multiple injuries and are entitled to a significant money settlement.

How Much are Dog Bite Settlements for Mail Carriers?

The amount of a settlement payout is based upon the seriousness of the injuries. These cases can result in significant settlements and verdicts for the victim. Compensation includes payment for puncture wounds and scars.

The compensation amount paid for scars depends on the size, location, and type of disfigurement. Scars that are permanent and located on a conspicuous place, like the face or arms, have a high settlement value. Photographs are used to prove the severity of the injury.

Other serious injuries include nerve damage and broken bones. Many victims suffer psychological damages, including PTSD and nightmares. Medical records from physicians, medical specialists, and hospital support damages for these types of harm.

In addition to pain and suffering compensation, the injured worker is also entitled to payment of medical expenses and lost wages from the United States Postal Service. A workers’ compensation claim submitted to the agency starts the payment of those benefits.

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