Our Amazon, Federal Express, and UPS driver dog bite lawyers help delivery men and women bitten by dogs during the course of their job.

The number of dog attacks against delivery drivers continues to rise every year with the increase of home and business deliveries. If you were bitten or attacked by a dog while working for Amazon, Fed Ex,  or UPS, we can help.

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How Common are UPS, Fed Ex, & Amazon Driver Dog Bite Attacks?

Dog attacks on UPS, Fed Ex, and Amazon delivery drivers are far too common. Delivery drivers walk up to the front doors of homes and businesses all day long to deliver packages. Unfortunately, many dog owners fail to restrain their dogs or take other actions to prevent delivery drivers from being bitten or attacked by an aggressive canine.

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Types of Claims from UPS, Federal Express, & Amazon Driver Attacks

Any person bitten or attacked by a dog while lawfully on another person’s property can sue for injuries caused by the attack. There are two main case types from a dog attack that occurs while the victim is making a delivery at a home or business.

Workers Compensation Benefits

The first claim is a claim for workers’ compensation benefits from the employer. The injured delivery worker is entitled to wage loss benefits during the period of disability from the attack.  In addition, the victim must also be paid medical expense benefits for treatment related to injuries from the animal bite attack.

Workers’ compensation does not pay settlements for pain and suffering or for disfiguring scars caused by a dog bite. These claims are filed against the dog owner.

If the delivery driver is an independent contractor, there may be no worker’s compensation claim available. Our Michigan dog bite lawyers will evaluate your case to identify all of the potential claims for compensation you can make as a result of your dog bite.

Michigan Dog Bite Personal Injury Claims

The second claim is against the dog owner or animal owner for pain and suffering damages resulting from injuries from the animal bite or attack. Dog attacks often result in significant scarring and disfigurements.  Some cases involve dog knockdowns that result in bone fractures and other orthopedic injuries.

Under the Michigan dog bite laws, the owner or keeper of the dog is strictly liable for the attack and for failing to keep the dog properly leashed. This means that the dog bite victim is often automatically entitled to damages for the injuries suffered in the attack.

Can an Amazon, Fed Ex or UPS Driver Sue for a Dog Bite Attack?

If you are an Amazon driver or UPS driver and were attacked by a dog while making a delivery, you can sue the dog owner for pain and suffering damages.  You can sue for your injuries even if you are getting paid workers’ compensation benefits too.

How Much Can I Get in a Dog Bite Settlement?

Amazon workers and UPS drivers can get substantial settlements in dog bite cases. The amount of your settlement is based on the seriousness of the bite and the resulting scars.

Many times, a severe dog bite will result in a permanent and disfiguring scar to the victim. Other attacks, especially to the wrist and hands, can cause permanent nerve damage.

There is no limit to the amount of dog bite settlements. Many times, the settlement amount depends on the amount of liability insurance coverage under the dog owner’s homeowner’s insurance policy or a business’ liability insurance policy.

Can I File both a Workers’ Comp Claim and Personal Injury Claim?

Yes, Amazon, Fed Ex,  and UPS drivers can file both types of claims.  If the worker’s compensation insurer paid medical bills and lost wages to the driver, then that insurer can demand to be repaid from the personal injury settlement. When this occurs, our lawyers demand extra damages from the dog owner to offset the repayment to the worker’s compensation insurance company.  This way, the dog bite victim receives full compensation.

Amazon Driver Dog Bite Settlement Example

Buckfire Law represented an Amazon delivery driver who was bitten on the face while making a delivery to a private residence. The dog escaped the home from the front door when the resident opened the front door and immediately attacked the driver, biting him on the face.

The bite was severe and resulted in 40 stitches at a local emergency department.

We filed a dog bite claim against the dog owner for the Amazon driver. The homeowner’s insurance policy paid a $300,000 settlement for the injuries caused by the attack.

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