A personal injury could happen at almost any time and in a variety of situations. If another party is responsible for causing your injury, you may have the ability to demand compensation.

However, collecting this compensation is rarely easy. Many defendants in civil injury cases are only legally liable under certain circumstances or if they fail to take protective action towards you. As a result, many unrepresented plaintiffs feel frustrated and bitter towards the entire process.

An Ann Arbor personal injury lawyer may be able to provide valuable guidance. Your injury attorney could be dedicated to investigating how the injury occurred, placing blame for the incident upon a defendant, and demanding appropriate compensation for all your losses.

The Different Types of Personal Injury Cases

Most personal injuries are the result of a single moment in time that neither an injured person or a defendant anticipates. Something as straightforward as a driver who fails to check a blind spot before changing lanes can have disastrous consequences.

An at-fault party may be responsible to provide compensation to any person they injure. To win compensation in a civil case, a plaintiff must prove that a defendant was negligent—the exact meaning of which changes based upon the type of case.

For example, a negligent property owner in a slip and fall case may merely not notice that ice has accumulated on a sidewalk. On the other hand, negligent doctors in medical malpractice cases must fail to the extent that no reasonable doctor would have performed in this manner.

Additionally, many civil defendants may argue that a plaintiff shares some of the blame for their accident. According to Mich. Comp. Laws §600.2959, the court may reduce awarded damages based on how responsible a plaintiff was for their own injuries.

Furthermore, under Michigan’s modified comparative negligence system, a plaintiff cannot recover for non-economic damages if they are more than 50 percent at fault. An Ann Arbor personal injury lawyer could help injured individuals to examine the facts behind their injuries and to select the appropriate legal path that demonstrates full defendant fault.

Ways that a Personal Injury May Affect an Individual’s Life

The core concern for a personal injury plaintiff is typically receiving compensation for their medical bills. Injuries in these cases can vary as much as the circumstances that cause them, but a comprehensive claim should pursue compensation for the costs of all required treatment and rehabilitation.

A personal injury lawyer in Ann Arbor could also help pursue recovery of lost wages caused by the accident. If a person needs to miss a few shifts at work to attend therapy appointments or is now left with a permanent reduction in work ability, a personal injury claim could list these losses as damages.

Finally, many victims of personal injuries suffer mental harm as well as physical harms. It is common for people to need psychotherapy following an incident or to lose general quality of life following an accident. A thorough claim could demand payment for these losses as well.

How an Ann Arbor Personal Injury Attorney Could Help 

No person should have to endure the physical pain, the economic losses, and the mental anguish that result from a personal injury. Still, thousands of people around Ann Arbor become victims of the acts of others every year. These people have the right to demand compensation for all their losses.

An Ann Arbor personal injury lawyer could help you to pursue your case. This applies to instances where another party’s negligence caused your injuries. There is a strict time limit to file a case, so call today to get started on yours.

Information About the City of Ann Arbor

Church in downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Ann Arbor, located in Washtenaw County, was founded in 1824. It is currently the 6th largest city in Michigan with over 113,000 residents and serves as the county seat of Washtenaw County.

Ann Arbor is also home to the historic University of Michigan, one of the foremost research universities in the United States. The university employs nearly 30,000 people and is a driving force in the local economy, especially for technology companies and in the medical field.

Ann Arbor Area Legal Resources

As a resource for our Ann Arbor personal injury clients, we are providing you with a list of important contacts for accidents and injuries in Ann Arbor.

Ann Arbor Police Department

100 N. Fifth Ave

Ann Arbor, MI 48104


Request a Police Record

Ann Arbor Fire Department

111 N. Fifth Ave

Ann Arbor, MI 48109


Request Fire Report Records

St. Joseph Mercy Hospital

5301 E. Huron River Drive

Ann Arbor, MI 48106


Request Medical Records

Ann Arbor Animal Control Department

100 N. Fifth Ave

Ann Arbor, MI 48109


View Dog Bite Reports

Washtenaw County Medical Examiner

1200 State Circle

Ann Arbor, MI 48108


Request Autopsy Reports

Washtenaw County Health Department

705 N. Zeeb Rd.

P.O. Box 8645

Ann Arbor, MI 48107

(734) 222-3800

Fax: (734) 222-3930

Report a Public Health Concern

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