Of all the types of motor vehicle collisions that can happen, rear-end car accidents are some of the most common in Michigan.

Whether a driver suddenly stops while another motorist is trailing too closely behind them, or if a driver is speeding and cannot stop before colliding with a stopped vehicle, these collisions can result in mild to severe injuries to each party involved.

If you were hit by a tailing driver, you might benefit from reaching out to a Michigan lawyer for help.

If retained, a well-versed attorney could work tirelessly to gather evidence and demonstrate the extent of your losses to request adequate compensation.

Michigan Insurance Payments Following a Rear-End Crash

In Michigan, certain benefits are available to an injured driver, regardless of fault, and passengers hurt in the crash.

These claims are made through the no-fault insurance coverage, and provide payment of medical expenses, wage loss, any required attendant care, and other associated costs.

Injury victims are often entitled to these benefits even if they did not own a vehicle or have an auto insurance policy in effect at the time of the accident.

Proving Fault After a Rear-End Auto Accident

While some rear-end collisions might result in only minor fender benders, others result in serious injuries, including whiplash and trauma to the neck and spinal cord.

Usually, in these wrecks, the following driver is often deemed to be at fault.

However, an injured motorist must still be able to demonstrate fault in court in order to successfully recover compensation. This is usually a complex legal process, even when their injuries are apparent.

Essentially, it must be shown that a trailing driver breached their duty of care—to drive safely and obey the rules of the road—and that this breach led to a rear-end car accident in Michigan that injured the innocent driver.

One way this might be shown is by referring to Michigan Compiled Laws §257.627, which refers to the required distance between each motorist on the road.

Therefore, if it can be shown that the following motorist was violating this statute and driving too closely to the car they subsequently rear-ended, this might be clear grounds for establishing fault.

A skilled lawyer could work with an injured claimant to establish how the following driver was at fault for a collision.

Rear-End Collision Statistics

Rear-end collisions accounted for approximately 2,456 of the 13,416 fatal collisions with a moving motor vehicle nationwide in 2017, according to a report compiled by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The pie chart below shows the percentage breakdown of types of fatal collisions involving a moving motor vehicle across the nation.

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Rear-End Car Accident Case Study

A rear-end car accident lawsuit resulted in a $4.5 million verdict.

The 77-year-old decedent was killed then another driver smashed his truck into the back of the pickup truck. The pickup truck was pushed into oncoming traffic and struck by another vehicle.

The negligent driver was charged with a criminal offense and later convicted. The civil case went to a jury trial.

The jury awarded the surviving family members this large verdict.

Reach Out to a Lawyer After a Rear-End Car Crash in Michigan

If you were rear-ended as a result of a driver’s careless, reckless, or malicious behavior, you have legal options and might benefit from consulting a lawyer who has experience with Michigan rear-end car accident claims.

Depending on your circumstances, you might be able to pursue compensation through an insurance claim or civil lawsuit.

If successful, you might be able to recover compensation for lost wages, medical expenses—including rehabilitation, physical therapy, and other associated costs—as well as pain and suffering and other emotional trauma.

However, because of the deadlines for filing a claim, it is important to begin working on a case as soon as possible.

To schedule a consultation today, call a top-rated attorney at the Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C.

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