Our Michigan car accident attorneys file injury claims against drivers who run red lights and other traffic signals.  The injuries caused by these crashes are often serious due to the high speed of the vehicles.  Many of these intersection actions result in fatalities.

Running Red Light Accident Statistics

Fatalities from running red light accidents have reached a 10 year high according to AAA statistics in the United States.  In 2017 alone, there were 939 people killed in these crashes in the United States.  The number of these accidents increases every year.

In Michigan in 2018 alone, there were over 6,000 crashes involving red-light running.  This resulted in 32 fatalities to other motorists or occupants of motor vehicles.  In addition, 37 pedestrians and 57 bicyclists were injured in red light crashes.  A total of 4,164 people were injured in 2018 alone in these accidents.

The pie distribution chart below shows the injury severity of crashes in which a car runs a red light in Michigan in 2017. 

Michigan car accident red light injury severity chart - Buckfire Law

  • Possible Injuries: 65.20%
  • Suspected Minor Injuries: 28.19%
  • Suspected Serious Injuries: 5.99%
  • Fatal: 0.63%

Common Reasons for Running Traffic Lights

Red light accidents all are caused by the negligent and reckless operation of a vehicle.  Drivers are taught to anticipate changes from yellow to red lights and to proceed toward the intersection accordingly.  The most common reasons for running red lights are:

  • Speeding up to “make the light” before it turns red
  • Trying to get through a late yellow light
  • Failing to slow down for a yellow light
  • Trying to time light changes
  • Not paying attention, or distracted driving
  • Driving while drunk or under the influence of drugs

Proving Fault in a Red Light Accident

Many times, the negligent driver will attempt to blame you for running the red light.  If a police officer did not witness the crash, there may be a question as to who was responsible.

In these cases, our attorneys fully investigate the crash to prove that you were not at fault.  We hire private investigators to interview witnesses and get written statements.  We also often get video surveillance tapes from area businesses that show the accident.

Our experienced lawyers also use engineers and accident investigation experts to prove your case.  This can include downloading the black box data from the involved cars to prove speed, braking distance, and other factors.  Visual inspections of the vehicles can also provide important information to prove who was at fault for the accident.

Can You Sue Someone for Running a Red Light?

You can sue someone who runs a red light and injures a motorist, passenger, bicyclist, or pedestrian.  In most cases, the police agency will ticket the careless driver for failing to obey a traffic signal.  This is often just a traffic citation, but in some cases can be a misdemeanor offense or even a felony depending on the circumstances.

We have successfully sued drivers and won large settlements even in disputed red light accident cases.  With the use of our accident reconstruction experts and investigators, we have proven that our clients were not at fault and helped our clients receive substantial compensation.

Michigan law allows for several types of compensation for auto accident victims.  This includes payouts for pain and suffering, fright and shock, and disability from work and recreational activities.  You can also be compensated for any scars or other disfigurements.

In the case of a fatal accident, the family members can file a wrongful death lawsuit.  These cases demand compensation for the loss of the loved one. Damages also include the pain and suffering of the victim from the time of the accident until death.

Get Help from Our Michigan Car Accident Lawyers

You need an experienced auto accident to win you the best settlement.  The lawyer that you choose is the difference between getting a great settlement or none at all. Our legal team will fully investigate the facts of your accident to prove the other driver was at fault.  We will also locate all sources of insurance coverage so you can receive the maximum possible settlement and help you with your no-fault insurance claims.

We charge no legal fees unless you get a settlement check.  It is free to get started. There are strict time deadlines for filing lawsuits in Michigan.  If you wait too long to contact a lawyer, you may miss the deadline and lose your right to compensation.

Contact us today to start on your case.  We will begin our investigation immediately.

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