Due to our proximity to Canada, our car accident attorneys are frequently contacted by Canadian citizens injured in car accidents in Michigan.  The injured visitor was either traveling through our state for work or vacation and was injured in an auto accident.

Canadians injured in Michigan auto accidents have legal rights.  They are afforded several options to recover damages and for compensation.

Millions of Canadian citizens enter the United States through the border with Michigan.  The Canada to Michigan entry points are the Ambassador Bridge, the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel,  Blue Water Bridge, and the Sault Ste. Marie International Bridge.

Once a visitor has crossed the border and entered into Michigan, the personal injury and motor vehicle accident laws apply to all accidents in the state.

Canadian Drivers in Michigan Car Accidents


Types of Car Accident Claims for Visitors from Canada

There are two types of claims that the visitor from Canada can pursue for auto accident-related injuries.  The injury victim can make both claims.

First, the injured person can make a claim for personal injury damages against the negligent driver that caused the accident.  This is a claim for pain and suffering, disability, scars and disfigurements, and other similar types of damages.

These claims are typically filed against the negligent driver and that person’s auto insurance company.  These are often referred to as liability, or third party, claims.  These cases often result in substantial settlements.

Second, the visitor from Canada may also file a claim for Michigan No-Fault Insurance benefits under certain circumstances.  To qualify, the injured person’s own auto insurance company must be certified in Michigan.  These benefits include lost wages, medical expenses, household service expenses, and other tremendous benefits.

A claim for these benefits must be filed within one year after the accident.

Should You Elect Canadian Accident Benefits?

Vehicle owners in Canada are required to have their own insurance policy.  These policies provide benefits similar to Michigan no-fault benefits.

The injured Canadian visitor can also elect to have benefits paid by the Ontario accident benefits regulation program.  These benefits provide higher payments in may situations.

There are some differences between the Ontario accident benefits regulation program and Michigan No-Fault Insurance benefits.  It is important to carefully select the benefit program that gives the best benefits after their car accident.

Our accident lawyers will help determine which program is the best benefits program for you.

Client Referrals from Lawyers in Canada

We frequently get client referrals for car accident lawyers in Canada.  They refer their clients to us to handle the Michigan claims.

We have referral attorneys throughout Canada.  Many cases are referred by lawyers in Windsor, Sarnia, Toronto and the entire Ontario province.

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