When you suffer a personal injury, your first priority should be to recover your health. However, it can be difficult to focus on healing if you are worried about extra medical bills and lost income, and especially if you are being hassled by insurance companies with endless questions and pressure to accept a settlement.

A Sterling Heights personal injury lawyer could help relieve some of this burden by fielding questions and handling paperwork while you focus on regaining your health and strength. With a dedicated injury attorney by your side, you could more effectively seek compensation from the person responsible for your injury and look to the future with confidence.

Common Types of Accidents

Personal injury lawyers in Sterling Heights deal with many different types of injuries caused by a variety of situations. For instance, medical injuries are more common in Michigan than the average resident may realize. Doctors may fail to diagnose a condition or diagnose it incorrectly, or they may make a reckless error while performing a procedure or prescribe medication of the wrong type or dosage.

Accidents involving vehicles also lead to personal injury lawsuits. Cars collide with buses, trucks, motorcycles, bicyclists or pedestrians, often resulting in severe injuries. Other times, individuals or companies may fail to maintain a safe environment leading to trip and fall injuries, security problems, domestic animal attacks, and other incidents.

Liability Based on Negligence

Most of the time when someone is injured, the injury was not caused by deliberate acts of wrongdoing or even recklessness. Rather, the harm occurred because someone acted negligently.

When a person incurs liability due to negligence, they do not intentionally cause harm, and the incident leading the injury is considered an accident. However, the accident occurs because the person had to duty to act responsibly and failed somehow to live up to that duty.

A Sterling Heights personal injury attorney could assist an injured person in demonstrating how the failure to live up to a duty caused the injury. This often involves making use of experts to establish what the person responsible should have done under the circumstances or how their conduct failed to meet the level of responsibility expected under the circumstances, and how harm resulted directly from that failure.

What Types of Compensation May Be Available?

Someone responsible for causing injury to others cannot truly erase the effects of their negligence. Instead, the law allows them to pay compensation—known legally as “damages”—to offset different effects of the injury.

A personal injury lawyer in Sterling Heights may help an injured client recover damages for economic effects and intangible, noneconomic effects of the injury.  Damages may cover:

  • Lost wages
  • Medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Anticipated future medical bills
  • Emotional anguish
  • Reduced future income potential

In rare cases, punitive damages may also be available.

Consult a Dedicated Sterling Heights Personal Injury Attorney

Compensation that you may receive through a personal injury lawsuit could help put your life back on track. When you work with a skilled Sterling Height personal injury lawyer, you are not seeking to profit from your injury, but rather to restore what you lost due to the negligence of another.

It is generally a good idea to consult an attorney before too much time passes because state law limits the amount of time you have to file a lawsuit. In addition, the best evidence is available right after an incident, so your attorney can build the strongest case for recovery if given the opportunity to start now. To learn what may be possible in your case, call today for a case evaluation.

Information About Sterling Heights

Sterling Heights is located in Macomb County and is one of Detroit’s core suburbs. Currently, it is the 4th largest city in Michigan with a population of 129,699. Utica Community Schools and Warren Consolidated Schools serve the area. Many people visit Sterling Heights for the annual Memorial Day parade, and the American-Polish Festival.

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