While accidents are unfortunately common, sustaining an injury could have a significant and devastating impact on your life. Along with physical harm, an injury might also result in a pile of medical bills, an ability to work, and emotional trauma. However, when the careless, reckless, or malicious actions of another person caused your injuries, you should not have to cover the subsequent costs alone.

With the help of a Dearborn personal injury lawyer, you might be able to file a civil lawsuit to hold the negligent party or parties responsible. No matter the severity of your losses, however, it is still essential to prove that a defendant carries the liability for your damages. Because this requires navigating a complex legal process, seeking the services of a knowledgeable attorney at Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. could be helpful.

Steps to Take After an Accident

After suffering an injury, many people feel overwhelmed and confused about their legal options. Of course, the most important thing for an individual to do after an accident is to seek medical treatment. While this might be essential for a person’s wellbeing, it might also help to develop a case. Whether an injury is the result of a car crash, trip and fall incident, or dog attack, having a record of medical care will often help to actualize and substantiate a person’s injuries for a civil lawsuit.

When pursuing a claim, a potential claimant will likely have to deal with a defendant and their insurance company. Unfortunately, without proper legal guidance, many injured people will be tricked into accepting settlements that vastly undervalue the full extent of their claim. Because both economic and non-economic damages can be included in a civil lawsuit, it is vital for a person to take the time—and seek an attorney’s help—to calculate the scope of their injuries. In fact, a personal injury lawyer in Dearborn could help with every stage of the claims process. Beyond calculating losses, a plaintiff must also ensure that a full investigation is enacted in order for a claim to have substantiation and sufficient evidence.+

How is Fault Assigned After in an Injury Case?

For a successful injury case, a claimant must be able to demonstrate fault. In cases involving intentional violence—such as assaults—this assignment of liability is often clear. However, how blame is assigned for cases that arise from accidents is often more complex.

Simply put, it must be shown that a defendant owed a legal duty of care, that this duty was breached, and that this breach caused an accident that injured the claimant. For example, if a driver was intoxicated behind the wheel and hit a pedestrian, motorcyclist, truck, or other vehicle, this would be a clear demonstration of each step of liability.

However, according to Michigan Compiled Law §600.2959, juries will assign blame in proportion to the responsibility that each party carries. This means that both the defendant and the injured claimant might be deemed responsible for the accident, depending on the circumstances. While this is not always the case, a claimant who is partially liable for their own injuries would have their awarded damages reduced to match their percentage of fault. Due to this, having an experienced Dearborn personal injury lawyer who is familiar with how fault is allocated could be helpful for a claimant looking to pursue compensation.

How a Dearborn Personal Injury Lawyer Might Help

If you were injured due to the negligence of a person, business, or entity, contacting a Dearborn personal injury lawyer might prove to be beneficial. From investigating a case, negotiating with insurance companies, and answering your questions, a compassionate and seasoned attorney could be a valuable ally for every step of the way.

Because of the deadlines attached to filing every injury claim, it is advisable to begin working on a case as soon as possible. To schedule a consultation and begin taking legal action, call a legal professional at Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. today.

Information About the City of Dearborn

Dearborn is located in Wayne County, Michigan. It is part of the Detroit metropolitan area, which is home to 5.3 million people. As of 2014, Dearborn’s population was 95,535.

Dearborn was the home of Henry Ford, and the city’s largest employer to this day is The Ford Motor Company.

Dearborn Area Legal Resources

As a resource for our Dearborn personal injury clients, we are providing you with a list of important contacts for accidents and injuries in Dearborn. You can obtain reports and other information from these places. If you choose us for your Dearborn personal injury attorneys to handle your case, we will get all of the information for you.

Dearborn Police Department

16099 Michigan Ave

Dearborn, MI 48126


Obtain an Accident Report

Dearborn Fire Department

3750 Greenfield Rd

Dearborn, MI 48120


Beaumont Hospital – Dearborn

18101 Oakwood Blvd

Dearborn, MI 48124


Request Medical Records

Henry Ford Medical Center

19401 Hubbard Drive

Dearborn, MI 48126


Request Medical Records

Dearborn Police Department

16099 Michigan Ave

Dearborn, MI 48126

(313)-943-2079 (Animal Control)

View Dog Bite Reports

Wayne County Medical Examiner

1300 E. Warren Ave

Detroit, MI 48207


View Autopsy Reports

Wayne County Health & Human Services

500 Griswold St. #10

Detroit, MI 48226

(313) 224-0810

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