Being involved in an accident can have a significant impact on your physical health, financial stability, and personal livelihood.

If your injuries were due to another person’s negligence, you should not have to cover these costs alone. A Shelby Township personal injury lawyer can help you seek justice.

At Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C., our attorneys work tirelessly pursue full and fair compensation on your behalf.

Personal Injury Cases We Handle

We know how to handle all types of personal injury cases with integrity and skill, and we are well-practiced at putting our extensive experience to work on behalf of accident victims.

In addition to car crashes, medical negligence, and dog-related injuries, the dedicated Shelby Township injury attorneys at our firm can also help you with:

Shelby Township Car Accident Lawyers

A Shelby Township car accident lawyer can explain the options available to you after a crash. We help with any type of roadway incident that leads to injury, including:

Car accidents occur with unfortunately frequency in Shelby Township, as well as in Macomb County as a whole. According to Michigan State Police data, there were 25,784 recorded traffic accidents in 2018, over 5,400 of which resulted in at least one injury or fatality.

While accidents can happen anywhere, they are particularly common on highly-trafficked highways such as the M-53 and the M-59. Regardless of where an accident occurs, though, it can be difficult to pursue civil litigation for related injuries on your own.

map of shelby township, michigan

According to data compiled by the Michigan State Police Traffic Crash Reporting Unit, the most dangerous intersections in Shelby Township are:

Shelby Township Intersections Crashes Injuries
1. Hall Rd/M 59 at Schoenherr Rd 116 20
2. 23 Mile Rd at Schoenherr Rd 46 6
3. Mile Rd at Schoenherr Rd 36 11
4. 22 Mile Rd at Van Dyke Ave 35 16
5. 21 Mile Rd at Van Dyke Ave 34 6
6. 26 Mile Rd at Van Dyke Ave 32 5
7. 21 Mile Rd at Schoenherr Rd 30 9
8. 23 Mile Rd at Van Dyke ave 29 21
9. Hayes Rd at Lakeside Blvd N 23 11
10. 23 Mile Rd at Corporate Dr 23 4

Can I Sue for a Bus Accident in Shelby Township?

Currently, RideSMART only offers fixed route service on the 510/515 Van Dyke route. Connector services are also available on weekends, and residents over the age of 50 can reserve seats on various group trips throughout the Shelby Township area.

If you suffer injuries in an accident involving a commuter bus, you can still file a civil lawsuit. This is because municipal immunity does not apply to traffic accidents.

However, it can still be very important to work with a skilled bus accident lawyer after a crash in Shelby Township.

These cases can be complex and often involve defendants with significant resources, so trying to handle your case alone is not advisable.

Seeking Compensation for Medical Malpractice

For the most part, medical facilities like Ascension Macomb-Oakland Hospital and Shelby Macomb Medical Mall provide quality care to every patient who walks through their doors.

Sometimes, however, doctors and nurses do not uphold the standard of acceptable care for their profession, causing serious harm to those who trust them with their health.

Medical malpractice can occur in many ways throughout Michigan, commonly including misdiagnosis, surgical errors, and failure to read and interpret test results correctly.

In some cases, doctors or pharmacists give a patient the wrong dosage of a medication or the wrong drug entirely.

No matter how your injuries came about, a medical malpractice lawyer at Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. can help you file a claim in Shelby Township. Our experienced legal team can work tirelessly to pursue full and fair compensation for both short-term and long-term damages.

Elder Abuse in Shelby Township Nursing Homes

A number of different nursing homes call Shelby Township home, including:

  • Bickford of Shelby Township
  • Shelby Manor Senior Living
  • Sunrise of Shelby Township
  • Shelby Crossing Health Campus
  • Shelby Nursing Center

Unfortunately, far too many residents in nursing homes across the state of Michigan experience abuse or neglect.

If you suspect an elderly loved one suffered mistreatment at one of these facilities, contacting a Shelby Township nursing home abuse lawyer can be critical to pursuing justice.

Furthermore, if neglect or abuse contributed to your loved one’s premature death, our firm can help you pursue compensation on their behalf through a wrongful death lawsuit.

Help with Shelby Township Dog Bite Cases

Injuries stemming from dog bites have their own rules in Michigan. Rather than traditional negligence, MCL §287.351 allows personal injury lawsuits based on dog bites to proceed based on a standard of strict liability.

This means that the owner of a dog that bites and injures someone else could be liable for damages.

Year Total Dog Bites & Attacks
2014 76
2015 176
2016 90
2017 137
2018 123
2019 137

There are two exceptions to strict liability for dog bites under Michigan state law.

First, a dog owner may not be held liable for their dog biting someone who was trespassing on their property. Second, a plaintiff cannot recover compensation for dog bite injuries if they taunted or provoked the dog into attacking them.

A dog bite lawyer in Shelby Township could help to assess your rights and work to pursue compensation on your behalf.

Local Ordinances for Dog Ownership

Under Shelby Township Code of Ordinances §6-91, it is illegal for any resident of Shelby Township to knowingly keep a dangerous, vicious, or rabies-infected animal on their property.

Shelby Township Code of Ordinances §6-90 states that a dog may be considered dangerous if it does any of the following:

  • Bites or attacks another person
  • Seriously injures or kills another animal that is not trespassing on land owned by the attacking dog’s owner
  • Exhibits a tendency to bite and/or attack other animals or people
  • Suffers a bite from an animal known to be infected with rabies

Under Shelby Township Code of Ordinances §6-92 through §6-94, anyone who illegally harbors a dangerous or vicious animal, or who fails to properly report and quarantine an animal infected with rabies, is guilty of a misdemeanor offense.

How Long Do I Have to File a Personal Injury Claim in Shelby Township?

All personal injury cases in Michigan are limited by a statute of limitations. This is a filing deadline for civil cases that, if not met, means that the injured party cannot file suit or recover compensation (barring some exceptions).

For most personal injury claims, MCL §600.5805 sets a statutory deadline of three years. However, this deadline is shortened to two years for cases centered around negligence by a medical professional or nursing home. Civil cases based on instances of sexual assault may have much longer filing periods under certain circumstances.

Due to the importance of following these deadlines, it is crucial to work with a Shelby Township personal injury lawyer for help with each step of a case.

What Damages Can I Recover in Shelby Township?

In order to collect any compensation for an injury, a claimant must be able to demonstrate their losses. This may include physical injuries, emotional anguish, loss of enjoyment of life, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Additionally, lost wages, medical bills, and other financial losses are common.

No matter the circumstances, an experienced attorney can help to determine the full extent of your losses for a claim.

How Important Is it to Hire an Attorney in Shelby Township?

While it is not a legal requirement to hire an attorney, it is always recommended that you do so.

There are many ways in which insurance companies take advantage of inexperienced plaintiffs. Insurance adjusters have tactics meant to undervalue your claim, or take statements of accident victims out of context and use them as evidence of fault.

If you accept a settlement without talking to a lawyer about it first, your case cannot be relitigated, and you may be stuck with insufficient compensation.

Why Choose Buckfire Law?

Buckfire Law has over fifty years of experience helping victims of personal injuries recover compensation from the negligent parties who harmed them.

Since our firm’s founding in 1969, we have received numerous awards and commendations within the legal industry, including:

  • The National Top 100 Trial Lawyers
  • S. News Best Law Firms
  • Multi-Million Dollars Advocates Forum
  • Top Michigan Personal Injury Lawyer
  • Best Attorneys in America
  • The Best Lawyers in America

Let a Shelby Township Personal Injury Attorney Help

Whether your injuries are from an accident or an intentional act, the responsible parties should provide compensation for the damage they cause.

If you or a loved one has suffered harm because of the negligence of another person or company, call a Shelby Township personal injury lawyer for help.

The attorneys at Buckfire Law can explain your rights, answer your questions, and help you pursue full and fair recovery for your losses.

To schedule a free consultation, contact us today.

Information About Shelby Township

The population of Shelby Township is roughly 73,804 people. The township keeps its residents happy and active by providing access to many parks, hiking and biking trails, and the Clinton River. It was recently named one of the safest cities in America with a violent crime rate of 1.035 for every 1000 residents.

Some of the most popular employers for residents of Shelby Township include:

  • Utica Enterprises
  • Anderson Eckstein & Westrick
  • Lombardo Homes
  • Lutz Roofing Co.

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