Our Detroit personal injury lawyers represent victims in all types of cases. We can help you if you were injured in a Detroit car accident, a slip and fall, from a dog bite, or due to medical malpractice.

Since 1969, the Buckfire Law Firm has achieved extraordinary results for our clients. We regularly win among the highest personal injury and car accident settlements in Michigan every year.

About Our Top-Rated Detroit Personal Injury Law Firm

The Buckfire Law Firm has won the top awards in the legal profession.  You need a smart, experienced, and skilled trial lawyer to help you at a stressful time in your life.  We have been named:

  • Best Detroit Car Accident Lawyers 2020
  • Top Michigan Personal Injury Lawyer
  • The Best Lawyers in America
  • The National Trial Lawyers – Top 100 Trial Lawyers
  • Multi-Million Dollar Advocates

Choosing the best Detroit personal injury attorney for your case is the most important decision you will make. It is the difference between winning a great settlement or none at all.

Our Detroit Law Offices Near You

Our main law office is located in Southfield, Michigan.  This is a very short drive to downtown Detroit.  We also have two law offices in Detroit, Michigan:

1001 Woodward Ave #505, Detroit, Michigan 48226 (Campus Martius)

Our Detroit car accident lawyers frequently work out of this office.  We are a personal injury law firm that represents injured clients throughout metro-Detroit.  For this office, Signature landmarks near the Campus Martius office: CVS/pharmacy is located next door to the WeWork Campus Martius building, where our Detroit office is located. Texas de Brazil is located across the street from our office on Woodward Ave. Campus Martius Park is diagonal to the WeWork building.

19 Clifford St #805, Detroit, Michigan 48226 (Merchants Row)

This Detroit, MI office is located in the City of Detroit to service anyone injured in a car accident or due to some other type of negligence.  Our car accident lawyers handle many cases in the Waynoe County Circuit Court, which is close to this law office.  Signature landmarks near our Merchants Row office: Lululemon and Distro Ventures are located next door to the WeWork Campus Martius building, where our Merchant’s Row office is located. Cornerstone Barrel House and the Shinola Woodward Store are located across the street from our office on Woodward Ave. Downtown Louie’s Lounge is diagonal to the WeWork building.

We will gladly meet with you at our offices or visit you at home or in the hospital.  Our car accident lawyers are available seven days a week to answer your questions  We always give a free consultation and do not charge any legal fees .

Types of Personal Injury Cases We Handle

Our law firm handles all types of accident and injury cases in the Metro Detroit area.  Examples include:

Call our law firm if you are searching to find the best attorneys near you. 

Do you Need a Detroit Car Accident Lawyer?

If you were hurt in a motor vehicle accident, you need a skilled Detroit car accident lawyer  on your side.  Our  Detroit car accident attorneys will  help you recover your lost wages, medical bills, and get you compensation for your pain and suffering and emotional distress.  Don’t let the insurance companies give you the runaround after a car crash.

We can assist you after any type of motor vehicle accident, including:

When you hire the Buckfire Law Firm, you are getting a top-rated team of lawyers on your side. Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. was recently named among the Top 20 “Best Car Accident Lawyers in Detroit” by Expertise, LLC.

Expertise reviewed 242 Detroit car accident lawyers and scored them on more than 25 variables across five categories.  It then named  Buckfire Law to its  list of the best Detroit car accident lawyers.

Serious Detroit car accidents occur on both city streets and on major highways.  The major highways include I-94, I-75, I-96, I-275, I-696 and I-375.  Major roads include:

  • Woodward Avenue
  • Jefferson Avenue
  • Grand River
  • Gratiot Avenue
  • Southfield Road
  • Greenfield Road

Detroit car accident lawyers map - Buckfire Law

Crashes on the highways usually involve vehicles travelling at high speeds and result in serious injury and often death. Many are due to negligent drivers who are often distracted or drunk on the roads. Contact our Detroit car accident lawyers for your free consultation now!

Most Dangerous Intersections in Detroit

According to the Michigan State Police Traffic Crash Reporting Unit, the following 10 intersections were the most dangerous in  in 2017 in terms of total number of Detroit car accidents and injuries reported:

Flint-Area IntersectionsCrashesInjuries
1. Joy Road at M-399926
2. 8 Mile Road at Woodward Ave.8710
3. 8 Mile Road at I-758620
4. Mack Ave. at I-756728
5. M-39 at W. Warren Ave.6713
6. 8 Mile Road at Van Dyke St.6532
7. I-94 at Moross Road6418
8. Warren Ave. at I-756122
9. Conner St. at I-945920
10. Beaubien St. at E. Jefferson Ave.5912

Injured in a Detroit Bus Accident?

Bus accidents are common in the City of Detroit. The main bus lines are SMART and SEMTA.

Both bus systems transport passengers throughout the city and between the city and the suburbs.

Detroit bus accidents often result in very serious injuries and even death. Injury victims include bus passengers, occupants of other vehicles hit by a bus, and pedestrians and bicyclists.

Drivers and passengers of motorcycles are also injured by buses travelling through Detroit.

Major Hospitals in the City of Detroit

There are number of major hospitals located within the city limits.  The largest hospitals are:

  • Henry Ford Hospital (Main)
  • Ascension St. John Hospital
  • DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital
  • DMC Detroit Receiving Hospital
  • Hutzel Women’s Hospital
  • Harper University Hospital
  • Children’s Hospital of Michigan
  • John D. Dingell VA Medical Center

Can I Sue a Detroit Hospital for Medical Malpractice?

Yes, you can sue a hospital for malpractice in Detroit. Medical malpractice is also commonly called medical negligence. It happens when a doctor, hospital, or medical provider makes a mistake that harms a patient.

The lawsuits demand compensation for patients and their families for injuries caused by these medical errors.

The most common medical errors included botched surgeries, a misdiagnosis or wrong diagnosis of a condition, the failure to treat an illness, and medication mistakes. Patients often require lengthy hospitalizations, additional surgeries, and even die to medical malpractice.

Other cases involve injuries that occur before, during, and just after the birth of a child. These include lawsuits for cerebral palsy, stillborn births, and shoulder dystocia. These cases often result in large settlements, especially when the injury is permanent brain damage to a baby.

Our experienced Detroit medical malpractice lawyers will get your records and review them.

If you have a case, we will file a lawsuit for you demanding compensation for the harm caused by medical negligence.  We will work hard to get you the best possible settlement.

Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect Lawsuits

There are many skilled nursing homes and assisted living facilities located in the City of Detroit. There are also a number of in-patient rehabilitation centers.  These include:

  • Heritage Manor
  • Hamilton Nursing Home
  • Qualicare Nursing Home
  • Alpha Manor
  • Fairlane Senior Care
  • Omni Continuing Care
  • Westwood Nursing Center
  • Ambassador, a Villa Center
  • Advantage Living Centers
  • Riverview Health & Rehab Center
  • Beaconshire Nursing Center
  • Hartford Nursing & Rehabilitation Center
  • Sheffield Manor Nursing & Rehab Center

When a resident suffers harm due to nursing home abuse and neglect, there is a basis to file a civil lawsuit.

Common injuries include bed sores, hip fractures from falls, and wrongful death.

The pie chart below shows the different levels of abuse types that elders have complained about, according to the National Center for Victims of Crime. Physical abuse and resident-on-resident abuse is responsible for nearly half of all complaints.

Detroit nursing home elder abuse chart - Buckfire Law


Type of AbusePercentage
Physical abuse27.4%
Resident-on-resident abuse (physical or sexual)22.1%
Psychological abuse19.4%
Gross neglect15.3%
Financial exploitation7.9%
Sexual abuse7.9%

Our Detroit nursing home attorneys file lawsuits against facilities in the Wayne County Circuit Court.

Can I Get Compensation from a Dog Bite in Detroit? 

Under Michigan law, a person bitten by an attacking dog has the legal right to be compensated for the harm suffered in the attack, often with the help of a Michigan dog bite lawyer.

The owner or keeper of the dog is liable to the victim for the injuries resulting from the bite, which can include permanent scars, nerve damage, and even broken bones.

In the city of Detroit, approximately 460 dog bites were reported to Detroit Animal Control in 2018, according to data obtained by WXYZ-TV.

From June 20, 2018 through early July 2019, 265 people reportedly called 911 to report either a dog attack or bite. In July 2019, there were 52 reports, according to the report.

Below are a series of recent local media reports highlighting the disturbing rising trend of dog bites in Detroit:

Since January 2017, more than 1,250 dog bites have been reported in Detroit. One attack, in particular, led to the tragic death of 4-year-old Xavier Strickland in front of his mother, Lucille Strickland.

According to multiple reports, Strickland was walking with Xavier to nearby Thurgood Marshall school, when four pit bulls charged from the back of a home in the 15500 block of Baylis in December 2015. They attacked her child as she tried to fight them off.

Rules & Regulations for Dog Ownership in Detroit

In April 2017, Detroit officials adopted a tougher dog ordinance aimed at preventing dog attacks. The new law was intended to “demonstrate the commitment by the City of Detroit that the circumstances which led to Xavier Strickland’s tragic death are adequately and permanently corrected.”

The city permitted animal control and police officers to seize dogs that are neglected or not properly secured. Follow-up inspections are also required. In the summary of the revamped ordinance, the new law more clearly defines the conditions “under which animal control officer or law enforcement officer may enter property to seize an animal, in order to conform the provisions and procedures to law.”

The changes restricted tethers outdoors to three hours and required that dogs must be monitored and have food and water available.

According to Sec. 6-1-3 of the Detroit City Ordinance: “Any person who violates this chapter may be issued an ordinance violation for each day that the violation continues. Any person who is found guilty of violating this chapter shall be convicted of a misdemeanor for each ordinance violation that is issued, and, in the discretion of the court, may be fined up to $500 and sentenced up to 90 days in jail, or both, for each ordinance violation that is issued.”

The Detroit News reported in September 2019 that the number of citations issued by Detroit Animal Care and Control more than doubled in 2018 from the previous year, rising from 89 tickets to 184, according to figures released by Detroit’s Health Department.

Our law firm has won substantial settlements for victims of dog bite attacks.  Compensation includes payouts for your pain and suffering, scars, medical bills, and lost wages.

Insurance companies pay large settlements to dog attack victims.

We can help you pursue compensation if you were bitten, knocked down, or attacked by a vicious dog.

Child Lead Paint Poisoning Cases

The Buckfire Law firm is widely regarded as having the leading lead poisoning lawyers in the State of Michigan. Below are several examples of our lead poisoning settlements:

  • $1,400,000 settlement for a lead poisoned child in Detroit with behavior problems and learning difficulties. He lived in a HUD government subsidized apartment building.
  • $650,000 settlement for a lead poisoned child in an apartment complex in Detroit. The child had speech and language impairments, learning difficulties, and behavior problems.
  • $600,000 settlement for lead poisoned siblings at a rental in the city of Detroit.
  • $500,000 judgment against an apartment complex landlord in Detroit for a child who sustained injuries due to lead poisoning.
  • $450,000 settlement for lead-poisoned siblings at a rental home in the city of Detroit.

The City of Detroit has the highest number of children diagnosed with lead poisoning in the state.  In 2016, there were over 1,800 children diagnosed with elevated blood lead levels.

Statistics show that almost 28% of all children in the city have elevated blood lead levels. This is the highest percentage of any city in the entire State of Michigan.

Child lead poisoning is a major health hazard that affects a child’s school performance. It also causes many other major health problems, including neurological problems and behavioral issues.

Can I Sue for Lead Poisoning in Detroit?

Our Detroit lead poisoning attorneys can sue the past or present landlord of the rental property that was the source of lead poisoning. Peeling and chipping paint in older houses is the primary source of lead exposure.

Lawsuits claim numerous violations of state, federal, and local laws and demand settlements for poisoned children. Our attorneys have won the highest lead poisoning settlements in Michigan.

City of Detroit Information

Detroit is the largest and most populous city in the state of Michigan. It serves as a major business, cultural, financial and transportation hub in the Metro Detroit area, which consists of 5.3 million people.

Detroit is known as the center of the American automobile industry, as Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler are all headquartered in the Metro Detroit area. The city is also home to Wayne State University, as well as the Michigan major league sports teams – the Lions, Tigers, Pistons, and Red Wings.

The following is a list of Detroit’s leading employers:

  • Detroit Medical Center
  • City of Detroit
  • Quicken Loans
  • Henry Ford Health System
  • Detroit Public Schools
  • Wayne State University
  • Chrysler
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • General Motors

Time Deadlines for Personal Injury Cases

The statute of limitations for filing lawsuits in Michigan is different for specific case types.

Most accident cases have a three-year deadline for suing a negligent person or business.  Cases involving medical malpractice and nursing home neglect have a two-year time limit for filing a lawsuit.

There are some exceptions to these general rules.  These include cases for wrongful death, matters involving injuries to a minor, and lawsuits based upon insurance contracts and no-fault laws.

Get Help from the Best Detroit Injury Lawyers

Our personal injury lawyers will listen to your story and explain how we can help you.  Our free legal advice is priceless.

We will gather all evidence needed to win you the highest possible settlement and assist you in filing all required insurance paperwork and court documents.

We have a tremendous track record of success and can achieve excellent results for you as well.

It costs nothing to start your case and we even pay all of the case expenses. We do not charge you any legal fees whatsoever unless you receive a settlement.

Contact our law office today to start on your Detroit personal injury case. We will begin working for you immediately.

Detroit Area Legal Resources

As a resource for our Detroit personal injury clients, we are providing you with a list of important contacts for accidents and injuries in Detroit. You can obtain reports and other information from these places.

If you choose us for your Detroit personal injury attorneys to handle your case, we will get all of the information for you.

- Carl Poole
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City of Detroit Steam Burn and Manhole Locations

The interactive map below identifies the locations of nearly 40 steam burns in downtown Detroit. Steam released from Detroit Thermal-owned underground pipes burned the legs, feet and ankles of countless pedestrians. The burn victims identified on the map are from Wayne, Washtenaw, Macomb, Oakland, Saginaw and more counties across Michigan, along with several counties in Ohio. Injuries range from feet burns to burns that also affect legs and ankles. Each pin provides details of the steam burn incident, including the location of the manhole, age and gender of the victim, as well as photos of his/her injuries.

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