Emergency room physcians—or ER doctors—are tasked with caring for injured individuals under extreme and often catastrophic circumstances. This requires them to diagnose and treat patients from all walks of life. To live up to this, these doctors undergo rigorous training.

Emergency room doctors are a vital part of the health care industry. However, there are occasions when patients suffer injuries or even death due to errors in the emergency department. When these mistakes happen, hiring a Michigan emergency room errors lawyer might be essential to determining if you have a valid lawsuit again an ER doctor. By retaining a qualified attorney, you could better understand your legal rights and decide if taking legal action is right for you.

Common Causes of Emergency Room Mistakes

Unfortunately, there are many common causes of emergency room mistakes that might lead to injuries and worsened conditions for patients. These include an ER failing to:

  • Diagnose an infection, like meningitis, epidural abscess, or pneumonia
  • Diagnose appendicitis or bowel obstructions
  • Diagnose a heart attack
  • Diagnose a stroke and treat it quickly to prevent major damage
  • Order x-rays, CT Scans, MRIs, or other radiology tests
  • Consult with a specialist
  • Order necessary tests
  • Treat any condition that was previously properly diagnosed
  • Promptly consult another medical specialist
  • Admit a patient to the hospital

Essentially, there are numerous ways that these and other conditions could be mishandled by an emergency room physician, including prematurely discharging a patient. For instance, along with simply neglecting to diagnose a patient, they might also fail to consult with a specialist about the type of care that is needed. However, establishing negligence for a lawsuit is complex, meaning the knowledge of a Michigan emergency room errors lawyer could be essential.

Filing a Lawsuit Against an Emergency Room

Malpractice lawsuits frequently arise against medical mistakes and errors made within emergency departments. When a preventable medical error occurs in an ER and a patient suffers significant injury or harm, it might be the basis for a valid civil lawsuit.

However, the steps to proving fault against a medical facility involve numerous steps, including the testimony of an expert witness, as well as the establishment of a number of legal components. Essentially, these include establishing:

  • The duty owed by ER staff to care for a patient
  • A breach of this duty due to careless, reckless, malicious, or otherwise negligent action or inaction
  • This breach of duty resulted in an accident
  • This accident harmed the claimant and caused them to suffer subsequent financial, emotional, and physical damage

After an injury, a potential claimant might feel overwhelmed by their condition and unaware of the steps needed to file for compensation. By enlisting a hardworking Michigan attorney who is familiar with the legal process on the basis of emergency room errors, an injured claimant could rest assured that their claim is being handled by a competent legal professional.

Retain a Michigan Emergency Room Errors Attorney for Help

If you or a loved one has suffered while in ER care, you have legal options that could be explained by a Michigan emergency room errors lawyer. When a care professional’s neglect results in your injuries, you should not have to shoulder the resulting financial and emotional burden alone.

A dedicated and qualified attorney at Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. understands the toll that medical errors can result in and could work tirelessly to pursue the compensation you deserve. To get started on a claim, call a legal professional today.

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