Our medical malpractice lawyers in Michigan represent patients who have suffered serious burn injuries from burns during medical procedures. This includes surgical fires, laser procedures, MRI tests, hot liquid injuries, chemicals and other types of treatments that cause a skin burn injury.

Patients burned during a medical procedure, cosmetic process, or test do have legal rights. These burn injuries are not acceptable and often result due to negligence.

Our experienced medical malpractice attorneys will help you get a settlement if you have been burned by a medical professional.

MRI Machine Burn Injuries

Skin burns caused by MRI machines are becoming more common. Thermal burns occur in patients who have contact with scanners or other parts of the machine.

Other burns are caused by energy transmitted currents that cause excessive heat and can damage skin and tissue.

Regardless of the cause, MRI burns should not happen. Negligence by the machine operator, technician, or manufacturer are likely causes of these injuries.

You can sue if you suffered a burn injury from an MRI machine.  Many injuries are second-degree burns that are painful and leave permanent scars.

Surgical Fires in the Operating Room

Surgery fires are much more common than patients are led to believe by hospital and doctors.

Surgical fires are fires that occur in the operation on or near a patient who is undergoing a surgical procedure or medical procedure.  These fires occur when three elements are present. These elements include an ignition source, a fuel source, and an oxidizer.

Ignition sources include electro-surgical units, lasers, and fiber-optic light sources. Fuel sources include surgical drapes, alcohol-based skin preparation, and even the patient. Oxidizers include oxygen, nitrous oxide, and room air.

The FDA has information to the public on surgical fires in the operating room. This includes other factors that also increase the risk of fire. For example, alcohol-based skin preparation agents are very flammable when still wet.

The placement of surgical drapes, such as when they are placed in a way that allows oxygen to pool under them, and the handling of ignition sources, such as resting hot ignition sources on the drapes, may also increase the chance that a surgical fire will occur.

Many patients are at high risk for a surgical fire based upon the type of surgery that are undergoing in the operating room.

Hospitals and doctors need to assess the likelihood of a surgical fire and take necessary precautions to prevent injury or harm to the patient. The failure to prevent a fire during surgery can give rise to a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Patients who suffer burn injuries in an operating room at a Michigan hospital or surgical center should contact our medical malpractice attorneys immediately.

We will investigate the cause of your accident and gather the necessary records and evidence to win your case.

Chemical Burns During Surgery

Another type of injury during surgery is a chemical burn. These can occur after skin preparation for the operation and different chemicals and solutions can be the cause.

You can pursue a medical negligence case for this type of injury because it should not happen with appropriate care and attention.

Laser Skin Burn Injuries

Lasers are used in many types of medical procedures. They are a great advancement in medicine but can cause burns during cosmetic surgery and other treatments.

Laser resurfacing and hair removal is very popular today, but patients are often burned by the improper calibration of equipment or mistakes made by doctors and technicians.

Laser burns are very painful and can last several years before fading. They can also cause permanent scarring and disfigurement in severe cases.

Serious burns, like those classified as second degree and third-degree burns, do occur from laser injuries and require medical care and treatment to heal the burn and remove any scars.

Can I Sue for a Medical Burn Injury?

People who suffer burns during a medical procedure can sue for recoverable damages. Most cases are filed as medical malpractice because the burns occur under the care of a licensed medical professional.

There are certain treatments that are performed by non-licensed medical providers, like an aesthetician or a technician. These are more common at health spas or in laser hair removal centers.

In these situations, the case may be filed as general negligence lawsuit instead of medical malpractice.

How Much are Medical Burn Injury Settlements?

The amount of your settlement depends on a number of factors. These include the severity of the burn, the size and location of it, and the type of treatment needed for the condition.

If a burn scar is permanent, the case will have a higher settlement value.

Settlements include compensation for physical pain and suffering, fright and shock, emotional trauma, and disfigurement.  You can also claim money compensation for a disfigurement or scar.

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