Our medical negligence attorneys file lawsuits for patients harmed by lab mistakes.  Physicians rely on accurate test results to determine the proper diagnosis of the patient.  The studies also help doctors exclude certain conditions if the results appear to be in the normal range.

Lab mistakes can be very costly and even cause death.  Many patients receive the wrong treatment or no treatment at all because of these errors.  Often, the proper required treatment is delayed until the error is uncovered and the patient suffers serious harm.

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Common Examples of Lab Testing Mistakes

Lab errors can occur from the actual performance of the test to the reporting of the results.  There are several steps throughout that process that cause serious errors.  These include:

  • Use of unsterile containers for samples
  • Mislabeling test tubes and specimen containers
  • Contamination of the samples in the testing process
  • Assigning a result to the wrong patient
  • Losing and misplacing a sample
  • Reporting the wrong result
  • Utilizing improper “normal” ranges for a patient
  • Improper interpretation of the results by doctors and nurses
  • Failing to notify physicians of abnormal results

In addition, there are occasions in which the lab reports an abnormal result to a medical office or clinic but the doctor and patient are not notified of it.  Other times, the office will receive the report but the medical staff will not notify the patient or physician.  These errors also result in serious harm.

Can I Sue for a Lab Testing Mistake?

You do have legal rights if her were injured due to a lab testing mistake. These mistakes cause patients to undergo unnecessary medical procedures and surgeries.  They also delay necessary treatment for other conditions that affect the health of the patient.

Our medical negligence attorneys file several types of lawsuits related to lab errors.  First, if the error was due to the lab itself, you can likely file a negligence case.  These lawsuits are filed when there is contamination, wrong result reporting, mixing up samples, and failing to timely send reports.

If the mistakes were caused by the drawing of the sample or occurred after the lab reported proper results to the doctor’s office, this would give rise to a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Sometimes, there is a combination of both ordinary negligence and medical malpractice.  In either situation, the injured patient and family can sue for compensation.  These lawsuits result in substantial settlement payout amounts.

Settlements for Lab Errors & Mistakes

The settlement amounts in lab negligence lawsuits and cases involving medical malpractice include compensation for pain and suffering, loss of income, and payment of medical expenses.  Because many patients have necessary treatment delayed, the harm is very serious and often life-threatening.

In cases involving the death of a patient, the surviving family members can file a wrongful death lawsuit.  These cases demand payment for the loss of the loved one, the income and services of the decedent, and other compensation.  These tragic errors are devastating to a family.

Get Help from Our Lab Mistake Attorneys

Our medical legal team can help you and your family after a lab mistake.  We will get all of your medical records and lab results and evaluate them to see if you were the victim of an error.  If you did suffer serious harm, we will file a lawsuit demanding compensation for your injuries.

There are no legal fees or expenses unless you receive a settlement check.  If our investigation determines that you do not have a case for any reason, you owe us nothing.

Contact us today to get started on your case.  There are time deadlines for pursing lawsuits.  If you miss the deadline, your case will be barred forever!

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