Our Michigan medical malpractice lawyers frequently represent clients who have suffered a compartment syndrome injury.  A detailed knowledge and understanding of this type of this injury, treatment for this type of injury, and its effect on the client is essential to achieving the best possible settlement for the injured client.

Michigan Compartment Syndrome Injury Lawyer

What is Compartment Syndrome?

Compartment syndrome arises when nerves and blood vessels are compressed in an enclosed space. This can result in damage to the muscles and nerves, as well as blood flow issues. Although it can be found in any part of a person’s limbs, this syndrome is most common in the lower leg and forearm.

The primary symptom of this syndrome is severe pain, while more extreme occurrences can result in overall weakness to the patient, pale skin, and a decreased sensation in the targeted area.

To diagnose this condition, a needle connected to a pressure meter is inserted into the compartment in order to measure the pressure inside it. It is crucial that this test is performed as soon as possible if any type of chronic compartment syndrome is suspected.

Typically, surgery is the best treatment for all forms of compartment syndrome, including acute and chronic cases. If prompt diagnosis and swift actions are taken, there is a strong chance for recovery of both the muscles and nerves inside the compartment. Nevertheless, the injury that has lead to the syndrome will impact the overall prognosis.

Common Causes of Compartment Syndrome

A compartment syndrome injury frequently arises from trauma, such as a car accident, motorcycle accident, slip and fall accident, bicycle accident, or recreational injury.  It can also happen secondary to a surgical procedure.

Depending on the cause of the injury, the injured person may have legal rights to be compensated for the injury.  Recoverable damages include money payouts for pain and suffering, disability, medical bills, and lost wages.

Medical Malpractice Cases for Compartment Syndrome

Compartment syndrome may result due to the negligence of a doctor or surgery during a surgical procedure.  While it may be a possible complication of surgery, it is essential that the doctor promptly diagnose and treat the condition before it worsens.  A misdiagnosis can lead to serious permanent damage to the patient.

The nursing staff in a hospital also has the duty to contact a doctor if the syndrome is suspected so that an urgent physical examination can be performed.  Many times, the only treatment is emergency surgery to repair the condition.

If there is a delay in diagnosis and treatment, there can be permanent nerve injury and loss of muscle function. In more extreme circumstances, there might be a requirement for a limb to be amputated if every muscle within the compartment have died.

Filing a Lawsuit

If your compartment syndrome was caused by the negligence of another person or business or was not timely treated by a medical provider, you can file a lawsuit seeking compensation for your injuries.  These cases often result in large settlements because the long-term injuries and damages are often significant.

Our experienced legal team will get your medical records and carefully review them to determine if you have a case.  If you do have a case for legal action, we will start working on it immediately.  Contact us now to start our investigation.

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