Our Michigan medical malpractice attorneys are experienced in handling lawsuits involving the delay of breast cancer treatment due to a misread mammogram film or ultrasound study.   These cancer misdiagnosis lawsuits require the expertise and knowledge of an experienced and qualified attorney. Doctors, radiologists, and hospitals strongly defend these cases so you need a highly skilled legal team on your side.

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Mammograms & Ultrasounds to Diagnose Breast Cancer

Mammograms and ultrasounds are used to both pre-screen for cancer and to make a diagnosis of breast cancer.  Many women undergo these studies on an annual basis at the recommendation of a physician to determine if there is the slightest evidence of a tumor.  Early diagnosis of breast cancer is essential so that treatment can begin before the disease spreads to other parts of the body.  The radiologist interpreting the mammogram or ultrasound is trained to read the film and identify any potential signs of cancer.

Failure to Communicate Cancer Findings

Many times, the diagnostic study is interpreted properly and shows concerns for breast cancer.  However, these findings are not always properly communicated to the primary care physician or specialist.  Other times, the reports are furnished to the physician but either buried in the patient chart, not read by the doctor or staff, or the findings are simply not communicated to the patient.  This failure to communicate can cause a significant delay in the start of treatment and have terrible consequences for the patient.

Mammogram Interpretation Errors

When a radiologist misreads a mammogram or ultrasound in a patient with breast cancer, the consequences can be devastating.  When this type of medical mistake occurs, the cancer goes untreated, often for a long time before it is ultimately diagnosed.  By the time of the diagnosis, valuable time for treatment and recovery has been wasted.

Filing a Breast Cancer Misdiagnosis Lawsuit

When a patient’s radiology study is misread or misinterpreted and there is a delay in cancer treatment, the patient can often file a medical malpractice lawsuit against the negligent physician.  In this type of lawsuit, it must be proven that the physician did misread the mammogram film, and due to this error there was a delay in your treatment of cancer.  In addition to proving the medical error, it must also be proven that if the film had not been misread, a more favorable outcome to the patient would have resulted.

The same is true for cases involving the failure to communicate the cancer findings from the radiologist to physician, or from physician to patient.  If the delay in treatment is caused by a communication mistake, it can provide the basis for a malpractice lawsuit.

How Our Attorneys Can Help You

If you or your loved one had a delay in cancer treatment due to a misread study or the failure of a doctor to act upon a properly read radiology study, you should contact our experienced Michigan medical malpractice lawyers today to discuss your case.

We will get all of your medical records and the actual mammogram or ultrasound films.  We will then have them reviewed by a board-certified radiologist that specializes in breast cancer patients.  If the radiologist determines the films were misread or that the findings were not properly communicated, we will file a lawsuit for you.

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