Unfortunately, a motorcycle crash can arise from any number of circumstances. While accidents involving vehicles are common, a motorcyclist may also get into a wreck due to hazardous road conditions or extreme weather.

Understanding the types of motorcycle accidents in Michigan could help a biker avoid a future crash. Furthermore, recognizing the ways crashes happen might also help an injured motorcyclist to recognize fault.

No matter the circumstances, a dedicated lawyer might be able to help if you were injured in a crash. Whether you wish to pursue compensation through an insurance claim or civil lawsuit, a dedicated and skilled attorney could help to guide you through each step of the legal process.

Common Kinds of Motorcycle Crashes

While there are numerous types of motorcycle crashes that can arise in Michigan, any of these could result in severe or even fatal injuries, even when a biker is wearing the appropriate safety gear and obeying safety laws.

Some of the most common kinds of accidents include:

  • Head-on crashes
  • Side-impact, or T-bone, collisions
  • Rollover accidents
  • Rear-end incidents
  • Hit-and-run accidents
  • Lane-splitting

Usually, these and other types of collisions with motorcycles are the result of another driver’s careless or reckless behavior. As a result, an injured motorcyclist could request compensation through a civil lawsuit or Michigan’s no-fault insurance.

However, determining fault for a lawsuit involves the establishment of a series of legal elements.

Essentially, it must be demonstrated that another motorist disobeyed the rules of the road and caused an accident that injured the motorcyclist. Because of this, having the aid of a well-practiced legal professional might prove to be essential.

Hit-and-Run Motorcycle Wrecks

While numerous types of collisions between a motorcycle and a car are unfortunately common in Michigan, the situation is often worsened when the motorist chooses to drive off after a crash.

Unfortunately, according to Michigan Traffic Crash Facts, hit-and-run accidents comprise approximately ten percent of all crashes in the state, including those with motorcycles. Many times, the negligent driver will flee the scene to avoid the legal repercussions—both civil and criminal—while other times they simply do not realize that their vehicle hit a motorcycle.

Because a biker usually takes the majority of the impact during an accident, they may suffer severe and catastrophic injuries and be unable to collect vital information—such as witness statements and information, as well as the driver’s insurance information, phone number, license plate, and other identifying information.

When a biker is hurt in a hit-and-run crash in Michigan, a compassionate and tenacious lawyer could help to provide vital legal assistance and work tirelessly to request compensation.

Sometimes, an attorney hires an investigate team to assist in identifying an at-fault driver who fled the scene. Furthermore, a legal professional could help to file a claim for no-fault insurance benefits.

Michigan Motorcycle Accident Settlement Example

A biker was hit by a car in an intersection. The defendant driver ran through a stop sign and struck the motorcycle. He was given a ticket by the police.

The motorcyclist suffered serious injuries in the crash. These included a traumatic brain injury and multiple orthopedic fractures.

The victim required several surgeries and had a long course of recovery. A third-party lawsuit was filed for his pain and suffering damages.

Medical bills and lost wages were paid by the no-fault insurance company. The lawsuit was settled for $1.25 million.

Promptly Filing a Claim

Injured motorcyclists looking to file a civil lawsuit for any type of motorcycle accident should be aware of the time limits for pursuing compensation in Michigan.

According to Michigan Compiled Laws Section 600.5805—known as the statute of limitations—anyone looking to pursue compensation should do so within three years of the date of an accident.

This timeframe holds true for both injury lawsuits, as well as wrongful death claims in the event of a fatal motorbike crash.

Furthermore, filing a timely claim might help an injured plaintiff to remember the facts of a crash, as well as preserve potentially vital evidence.

Legal Help After Any Type of Motorcycle Accident in Michigan

All motorcyclists are at an increased risk for injury on Michigan roadways due to their lack of protection against cars, trucks, and hazardous road conditions.

No matter the type of motorcycle accident you suffered in Michigan, a compassionate attorney could help.

By explaining your rights, investigating the circumstances of your accident, and working to take appropriate legal action on your behalf, you could rest assured with the knowledge that a legal professional is on your side. To discuss your case, call a lawyer today.

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