If you were injured in a motorcycle wreck, you are likely to have numerous questions about your legal options and how to best proceed. While you might be able to pursue compensation through a civil lawsuit, it is important to understand Michigan no-fault motorcycle insurance and whether you are eligible for benefits.

However, understanding the nuances of the state’s insurance system might be difficult, especially as you recover from your injuries. Fortunately, a knowledgeable lawyer could explain your rights and stand by your side through each step.

What is Covered Under No-Fault Insurance for a Motorcycle Crash?

After someone suffers an injury in a motorcycle collision, filing an insurance claim under no-fault coverage is often their first step for seeking recovery. Simply put, any motorcyclist in Michigan carrying basic motorcycle liability insurance—also known as Personal Liability and Property Damage (PLPD) insurance—is covered under a no-fault policy. This policy extends to all family members living in the same house as the claimant.

Essentially, this means they may be entitled to receive benefits for an accident regardless of who is to blame. While basic no-fault coverage does not extend to repairs for a motorbike, it can cover replacement services, medical expenses, household chores, and the damage done to another person’s property—regardless of who caused the accident. Furthermore, these benefits may cover wage loss for the first three years after an accident.

Qualifying for No-Fault Benefits

The primary requirement to qualify for no-fault benefits after a motorcycle wreck is that the incident must “involve” an automobile—this does not have to involve physical contact with the vehicle, however. If a car or truck was part of a crash, by causing a motorcyclist to swerve and get into a wreck, for instance, they may still be covered.

However, depending on the severity of the losses incurred by an injured motorcyclist, the benefits offered under their insurance policy may not cover the extent of their damages. Instead, anyone injured in a motorbike wreck may be able to pursue a civil lawsuit against an at-fault driver or other entity with the help of a skilled lawyer.

Legal Help With Michigan No-Fault Motorcycle Insurance

Unfortunately, many people are unaware of all of the steps and procedures involved with filing a no-fault claim. So, while anyone eligible can file a claim on their own, it might be difficult to properly pursue the offered benefits alone.

After a motorcycle crash, you might be overwhelmed with medical bills, an extensive recovery period, and an inability to work. By enlisting a tenacious attorney, however, you could rest assured knowing that a legal professional is helping you to pursue Michigan no-fault motorcycle insurance benefits.

Furthermore, if the offered benefits are insufficient, a seasoned lawyer could assess the circumstances of a crash and determine if you have legal grounds for a civil lawsuit. To discuss your legal options today, call an attorney at Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C.

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