If you were injured in a Michigan motorcycle accident, you likely  have numerous questions about your legal options and how to best proceed. While you might be able to pursue compensation through a civil lawsuit, it is important to understand Michigan no-fault motorcycle insurance laws and whether you are eligible for no-fault insurance benefits.

However, understanding the nuances of the state’s insurance system might be difficult, especially as you recover from your injuries. Fortunately, a knowledgeable motorcycle accident lawyer can explain your rights and stand by your side through each step.

Does an injured motorcyclist qualify for No-Fault Insurance Benefits?

The primary requirement to qualify for no-fault benefits after a Michigan motorcycle accident is that the incident must “involve” an automobile.  This does not have to involve physical contact with the vehicle, however, but another vehicle must be involved in the crash.   For example, if a car or truck was part of a crash, by causing a motorcyclist to swerve and get into a wreck, for instance, they may still be covered.

Insurance companies often deny no-fault claims by disputing that another vehicle was involved in the accident.  This has serious consequences and can leave an injured motorcyclist without insurance to pay medical bills or recoup lost wages.  Our motorcycle accident attorneys have a great track history of disputing these denials and winning coverage for our clients.

It is important to contact a lawyer that specializes in motorcycle accidents for your case.  An inexperienced attorney will not understand the nuances of the no-fault insurance laws and will not know how to defeat the insurance company.  Contact The Buckfire Law Firm now for your free case consultation and to get started on your case.

Which insurance company pays no-fault benefits for a motorcycle accident?

Assuming that there was involvement with another motor vehicle, the next question is which insurance company must pay the no-fault benefits to the motorcyclist.  Michigan law specifically sets forth the method of determining which insurance company is responsible for paying the benefits.

This system is referred to as the “Order of Priority,” and is different for motorcycle accidents than it is for a typical car accident.  To figure out which insurance company must pay, you start at the top of the list and if it does not apply, you move down the list to find the first insurer that applies to your case.

  1. The insurer of the owner or registrant of the motor vehicle involved in the accident.
  2. The insurer of the operator of the motor vehicle, if that operator is someone other than the owner or registrant;
  3. The personal automobile insurer of the motorcyclist;
  4. The personal automobile insurer of the owner or registrant of the motorcycle, if such a policy exists.
  5. The Michigan Assigned Claims Plan if none of the above apply.  This plan will then assign the claim to an insurance company for handling and payment.  However, there is a $250,000 limit on medical payments for accident-related injuries under this plan.

In the event of a hit and run motorcycle accident, there is other legal analysis that applies in addition to the Order of Priority.

Figuring out which insurance must pay the no-fault benefits is confusing.  An injured motorcyclist is best advised  to contact an experienced Michigan motorcycle accident attorney to assist in the process.  If you file your claim with the wrong insurance company or delay too long in filing your application for benefits, you may forfeit your rights to payment.

What is Covered Under No-Fault Insurance for a Motorcycle Crash?

If the injured motorcyclist or passenger is entitled to no-fault insurance benefits, there are many eligible benefits after the accident.  These include:

  • Payment of medical bills, prescription expenses, and related rehabilitation costs.  The limit to this amount is determined by the relevant insurance policy.
  • Payment of lost wages and income during the period of disability;
  • Payment of attendant care services for providing care and supervision to the injured person at home;
  • Payment of replacement services for performance of household chores for the motorcyclist;
  • Payment for home modifications, vehicle modifications, and even long term rehabilitation

There are specific written requirements and time requirements for submitting these claims.  The failure to comply with the requirements will jeopardize your right to benefits.

Get Help With Your Michigan No-Fault Motorcycle Insurance Benefits

Unfortunately, many people are unaware of all of the steps and procedures involved with filing a no-fault claim. So, while anyone eligible can file a claim on their own, it might be difficult to properly pursue the offered benefits alone.

After a Michigan motorcycle accident, you might be overwhelmed with medical bills, an extensive recovery period, and an inability to work. By enlisting an experienced attorney, however, you could rest assured knowing that a legal professional is helping you to pursue Michigan no-fault motorcycle insurance benefits.

Furthermore, if the offered benefits are insufficient, a motorcycle accident lawyer can assess the circumstances of a crash and determine if you have legal grounds for a civil lawsuit. To discuss your legal options today, call The Buckfire Law Firm today for your free consultation.

If we accept your case, you will not pay any legal fees or costs unless you receive a settlement.  If your case is unsuccessful for any reason, you owe us nothing!

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