If your loved one was killed in a Michigan fatal motorcycle accident due to another person’s negligence, you might benefit from reaching out to a compassionate lawyer for help. Losing a loved one is never easy, especially when their death is sudden or unexpected.

Unfortunately, along with the emotional toll of a loss, you might be facing financial strain and be unsure of how to proceed. By filing a claim against a negligent motorist—as well as a no-fault claim for survivor benefits—you might be able to alleviate your pecuniary stress and focus on spending time with your family. A well-versed attorney could help to explain your rights and shoulder the burdens of a claim during this difficult time, so that you could perhaps receive some form of closure.

How Deadly Crashes Happen with Motorcyclists

No matter their safety procedures, motorcyclists do not have the same level of protection that most other motorists do. This means that, even when a biker wears a helmet and all other appropriate gear, the risk of a deadly accident is unfortunately high.

One of the most common reasons for a fatal motorcycle accident in Michigan is when a motorcyclist or passenger is thrown from their bike, which has the potential to result in severe bodily injury—including broken bones, spinal cord damage, and other serious trauma. While many of these collisions are the result of an accident, many others are the result of another motorist’s careless or reckless actions. The graph below shows the increase in fatal crashes in the state of Michigan the last 10 years.

Michigan fatal motorcycle accident chart - Buckfire Law

  • 2009: 105
  • 2010: 125
  • 2011: 113
  • 2012: 132
  • 2013: 133
  • 2014: 110
  • 2015: 140
  • 2016: 146
  • 2017: 133
  • 2018: 134

Legal Options for Surviving Family Members

In Michigan, motorcyclists must only have basic liability coverage in order to pursue a third-party injury lawsuit. This is usually done when basic insurance does not cover the extent of a person’s injuries.

Because of this, after a fatal motorcycle crash, the surviving family members of the decedent might be able to bring a lawsuit against an at-fault motorist in Michigan. These claims could request compensation for the deceased’s pain and suffering prior to death, as well as numerous losses suffered by the surviving family members.

These losses might include expenses for hospital bills, funeral arrangements, and burial expenses, as well as the loss of care, companionship, and benefits originally granted by the deceased to the surviving family.

Proving Fault

In a deadly motorcycle crash claim, the burden of proof rests on the surviving family members who are pursuing the claim on the decedent’s past. Like other injury claims, it must be established that a defendant owed the decedent a legal duty—to, in this instance, drive safely—and neglected this duty. Then, it must be demonstrated that this breach of duty caused the collision.

Lastly, the claimant or claimants must then demonstrate the extent of their losses as a result of this incident. A detail-oriented attorney familiar with the impact of fatal motorcycle crashes in Michigan could work with a claimant to establish the scope of their losses for a claim.

Legal Assistance After a Fatal Motorcycle Crash in Michigan

If your loved one was killed in a Michigan fatal motorcycle accident due to the careless, reckless, or malicious behavior of another motorist, you might wish to reach out to a seasoned lawyer for help. While no amount of compensation can bring them back, a successful claim might help to ease your financial strain and provide some closure.

A legal professional could help to assess the facts of a case and gather evidence to tirelessly pursue a claim for compensation. Whenever you feel ready, considering reaching out to a caring attorney to discuss your unique circumstances.

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