Michigan Tattoo injury lawyerPerhaps one-half of all adults throughout the state have a tattoo somewhere on their body. Usually, this necessitates visiting a tattoo parlor. While it is reasonable to expect that these businesses will take the appropriate precautions to prevent their patrons from suffering harm or contracting an infection, we frequently represent claimants who are pursuing compensation against negligent tattoo parlors.

The simple nature of receiving a tattoo—a needle penetrating one’s skin—is dangerous in and of itself. However, a failure on the part of a tattoo parlor to properly disinfect equipment could lead to serious health complications, as could a tattoo artist who applies too much pressure during a session. Personal injuries may also result from a general failure to provide a safe premise for customers to visit.

No matter the circumstances, a Michigan tattoo injury lawyer may be able to help you to hold negligent tattoo companies liable for their actions. This might include a skillful attorney investigating the cause of your injuries, measuring your damages, and promoting your interests in settlement talks and in court.

The Dangers of Tattoos

The process of tattooing is inherently dangerous. An artist applies a design by injecting ink below the topmost layer of skin. This necessitates the use of an electric needle that penetrates a person’s skin, often drawing blood. Because of this, these needles can become infected if a customer has an injection or disease.

As a result, tattoo parlors have an absolute duty to ensure that their equipment is clean and sterile before working on a new customer. A failure to ensure that these steps take place is absolutely an example of negligence on the part of the artist and the shop. It follows, then, that if a tattoo patron contracts an infection, suffers from a bloodborne disease, or even develops scarring on the tattoo site, that the parlor may be held liable.

In addition, tattoo shops share the same responsibilities to maintain a safe workplace as all other businesses. These property owners must take care to remove ice from sidewalks, clean any spills that affect customer areas, and make sure that any stairs or hand railings are in good working order. A Michigan tattoo injury lawyer could help a person who has suffered injuries while visiting a tattoo parlor to evaluate the causes of their injuries and to demonstrate owner liability.

Pursuing Claims for Proper Compensation

A tattoo parlor that fails to keep a customer safe could be considered liable to provide them with compensation through a civil lawsuit. Of course, the most obvious loss in a tattoo injury case is the costs for medical treatment connected to the incident—indeed, many of these injuries require hospitalizations for blood transfusions or intensive antibiotic regimens.

The necessity for these treatments—as well as the physical pain from the injury—can also cause significant emotional stress, as well as financial strain due to the costs of medical care. Realizing that one has contracted an infectious disease because of a dirty needle can have a traumatizing mental effect. Furthermore, the loss of quality of life that can follow these diagnoses is significant, and a claim can demand payments for these traumas.

Finally, these injuries may also force a plaintiff to miss time at work. Whether this is time spent in the hospital to receive treatment or the result of a condition that inflicts a permanent disability, a claim against a negligent tattoo parlor might also be able to request recovery for lost wages as a significant portion of the case. A tattoo injury attorney in Michigan could help people to evaluate the extent of a claimant’s losses in order to pursue a claim for its full value.

Seek the Services of a Michigan Tattoo Injury Attorney

If you or a loved one was injured or contracted an illness due to a tattoo parlor’s neglect or a tattoo artist’s carelessness, you have legal options and should consider reaching out to a hardworking and seasoned attorney at Buckfire Law Firm.

Unfortunately, a simple mistake could result in permanent tissue damage or a life-changing infection. If retained, a Michigan tattoo injury lawyer could work tirelessly to calculate your losses and demand fair compensation on your behalf. To get started, reach out to a legal professional today.

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