The Ultimate Guide To Injury Cases In Michigan

Editor’s note: Read This Book Before You Hire A Lawyer Or Speak to the Insurance Company

An injury caused by the negligence of another person or organization can be daunting and strenuous. The process becomes even more exhausting when you have to collect evidence, try to calculate your damages, or negotiate with insurance companies for fair compensation.

personal injury lawyer can guide you through this difficult process. However, you will need to determine which lawyer is the right fit for your case. Our detailed Injury Case handbook can aid you with this process, including what steps to take and what mistakes to avoid.

If you or someone that you love suffered an injury, this clear and concise personal injury guide will illustrate the important information needed to confidently move forward with your case. Although personal injury cases can arise from various situations, some of the most common examples include motorcycletruck, and car crashesslip and fall injuries, medical errors, or dog bites.

How Our Michigan Personal Injury Guide Can Help You

The Ultimate Guide To Injury Cases In Michigan explains Michigan personal injury cases in easy to understand language. While this book sells for $14.95 plus postage, if you fill out the form below, we will send it to you for free!

Our free guide also explains the secret deadlines that will destroy your case if you delay in hiring a lawyer. It also reveals why you need to find the best Michigan personal injury lawyer for your case and the crucial questions that you must ask before you hire an attorney.

Furthermore, the 23-page book informs others about what constitutes a personal injury case and what must be proven to win these types of cases.

This handbook will teach you:  

  • What Is A Personal Injury Case (Pages 9-10)
    • What are examples of injury cases?
    • Things you need to prove to win your case
  • Do You Really Need An Attorney To Settle Your Case (Pages 11-12)
    • How do you choose a qualified lawyer?
    • The importance of finding the right attorney
  • What Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring An Injury Lawyer (Pages 13-14)
    • Crucial questions that you must ask before you hire a lawyer
    • Essential topics to discuss with your lawyer to assist you in your choice
  • What We Do for You in a Personal Injury Case (Pages 15-16)
    • Steps we will take to represent you
    • Why you need to find the best Michigan personal injury lawyer for your case
  • The Legal Process In Personal Injury Cases (Pages 17-19)
    • The importance of not waiting to file a claim
    • What makes Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. different from other Michigan Personal Injury Attorneys?
    • Types of cases that we handle
  • The Biggest Mistakes that Will Ruin Your Injury Case (Pages 20-23)
    • Common mistakes that have caused others to lose their injury case

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