Our Michigan burn injury lawyers represent pedestrians who suffered injuries while walking over manhole covers. Injuries have been reported in Detroit and other parts of the state.  Due to hot steam rising through the manhole covers, dozens of pedestrians have suffered burns to their legs, ankles, and feet.

These injuries are more common in the summer months when pedestrian traffic is the greatest.  They often occur when families are visiting the City of Detroit for summer events.  Many of our clients are young children who were burned while walking to a Detroit Tigers game or other event.

Most pedestrians walk over these manholes in the center of the sidewalk, rather than walking in a busy street to avoid them. Other injuries occur while walking over a cover in a crosswalk of the street.

Michigan Steam Burn Injury Lawyer

City of Detroit Manhole Steam Burn Injuries

The steam causing many Detroit injuries is a product of Detroit Thermal, LLC.  This company provides steam for heating and cooling to more than 140 buildings in downtown and midtown Detroit.

Unlike most buildings with boilers and furnaces, buildings on the district steam system connect to a grid that delivers steam directly to their pipes. The steam generated must escape somewhere and it is through manhole covers on downtown streets and sidewalks.  Although it looks safe to walk over, it is at a temperature hot enough to cause second and third-degree burns.

There are safety measures that can be taken to prevent these burn injuries.  However, company has not undertaken them.  As a result, these burn injuries will continue to occur to pedestrians walking on city sidewalks and streets.

Filing a Steam Burn Injury Lawsuit

Pedestrians burned by manhole cover steam can file a lawsuit against the company responsible for managing the system.  Lawsuits claim different types of negligence for  creating the condition and failing to prevent harm. Other claims include the failure to warn the public about the potential for serious injury when walking over a manhole cover.

In most places, there is no risk of harm for walking over these covers. As a result, most people do not even consider the potential of a burn.  In many circumstances, it is unavoidable for a pedestrian to walk over a manhole cover.

The compensation demanded  includes payment for pain and suffering, disfiguring scars, and fright and shock.  Settlements also include payment of medical bills and reimbursement to insurance companies who paid medically-related expenses for the injuries.

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It is important you identify the exact location of the manhole that caused the steam burn injury.  If possible, take a photograph of it and some surrounding buildings or landmarks for the lawsuit.

If you or someone you care about suffered a steam burn injury from a manhole cover, call us to start your case.  We will represent you under our contingent fee agreement. This means we do not charge any legal fees unless you win a settlement.

Buckfire Law Launches Interactive Detroit Steam Burn Map
In an effort to educate and warn pedestrians of potentially hazardous manholes in Detroit, Buckfire Law has published an interactive map identifying the locations of where each of the 37 steam burn victims suffered steam burns.

The locations are identified by pin drops on the map, each of which provides details of a specific case, including the date of an incident as well as photos of the injuries sustained.

The map is shareable and can be embedded on all websites and platforms. To add the map below to your website, copy and paste the following:

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City of Detroit Steam Burn and Manhole Locations

The interactive map below identifies the locations of nearly 40 steam burns in downtown Detroit. Steam released from Detroit Thermal-owned underground pipes burned the legs, feet and ankles of countless pedestrians. The burn victims identified on the map are from Wayne, Washtenaw, Macomb, Oakland, Saginaw and more counties across Michigan, along with several counties in Ohio. Injuries range from feet burns to burns that also affect legs and ankles. Each pin provides details of the steam burn incident, including the location of the manhole, age and gender of the victim, as well as photos of his/her injuries.

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