Our personal injury attorneys handle claims stemming from injuries sustained in hair salons. These can arise from trips and falls, as well as mistakes that can result in burns, cuts, or infections. If you have suffered an injury under these circumstances, you have legal options.

Burns can result in permanently disfiguring scars. Sharp instruments can lead to lacerations and cuts. Any of these injuries can lead to pain and suffering, as well as piles of medical bills.

A Michigan hair salon injury lawyer could explain your rights. If a hair salon employee or business is to blame, they could be held liable. If so, we could pursue compensation on your behalf.

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Burns in Michigan Hair Salons

Hair salons stock various chemicals for use in highlighting and coloring hair. They also carry extremely hot hairdryers, straighteners, and curling irons. They also often use hot wax for eyebrows. Some salons even provide services for customers that utilize laser treatments.

As a result, customers are more prone to burns. This can happen if a stylist is inattentive, careless, or otherwise negligent. It can also happen from faulty products used by the salon.

Some of the common scenarios that can lead to customer burns include:

  • Failing to test new products before using them on customers, which can cause chemical burns to the scalp or interactions with other products
  • Failing to correctly use a chemical on a customer as directed, such as leaving hair dye on too long before rinsing
  • Maintaining eyebrow wax at abnormally high temperatures
  • Using hot hair styling implements too close to the scalps or faces of customers

Any of these incidents can result in burns, pain, permanent scarring, and hair loss. Hair salon workers must use safe products on their clients in the correct manner and refrain from causing them harm. When they do not do this, a hair salon injury lawyer in Michigan can help.

Risks of Infection

Burns and cuts sustained in a hair salon can quickly become infected. Customers can also suffer infections when exposed to unsanitary surfaces or equipment.

All salon employees need to follow protocols for sterilizing workspaces, instruments, hair styling utensils, and capes. When employees are lax in cleaning their tools, bacterial and viral infections can result.

In extreme cases, unsanitary instruments can lead to the spread of serious diseases, such as hepatitis and MRSA.

These infections can cause permanent scarring, drastically increase healing time, and lead to other potentially life-altering complications. A skillful Michigan lawyer can assist clients who have suffered bodily injuries because of a hair salon’s neglect.

Contact a Michigan Hair Salon Injury Attorney Today

Hair salon employees should be held accountable when they are negligent. If you or a loved one was injured while at a hairdresser, call our Michigan hair salon injury lawyers to begin your claim.

A dedicated attorney can gather evidence and work to hold negligent employees, businesses, or manufacturers accountable. To learn more, schedule a consultation at Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. today.

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