Attorneys in Michigan and throughout the United States refer their Michigan wrongful death clients to our law firm for legal representation.

Our team of award-winning lawyers can handle the case from start to finish to achieve the highest possible settlement for your client. When the case settles, we will send you a referral fee check.

Paying Referral Fees for Michigan Wrongful Death Cases

The attorneys at Buckfire Law are highly skilled in handling wrongful death cases. For this reason, attorneys from Michigan and all around the U.S. refer their wrongful death clients to us for legal representation.

Not only will the referring firm earn a portion of the settlement as a fee for the referral, but each will benefit from a new network of qualified, professional legal teams. Most importantly, clients will benefit from having the best legal representation available for their case.

All of our referrals are handled on a one-third contingency fee basis. Before calculating our contingent fee, we are required by state law to deduct case expenses from the settlement amount.

Types of Michigan Wrongful Death Cases to Refer to Us

Our attorneys handle wrongful death claims that arise from any number of accidents, including:

There are many various reasons that another firm may be interested in referring their wrongful death case to Buckfire Law. No matter the circumstances of a referral, you can rest assured that your referred case is being handled with skill and care.

Wrongful death cases are often complicated, and understanding the most critical nuances can make all the difference in having a successful case and maximizing a settlement.

Buckfire has been in practice for over 50 years and have received countless awards and accolades along the way. Our attorneys know the ins and outs of these cases and can provide critical insights to our clients, based on our experience.

Our lawyers work tirelessly on every case to help clients receive the most beneficial outcome.

How to Refer Your Case

You can refer your wrongful death client to Buckfire Law simply by giving us a call and speaking directly with one of our lawyers.

You can also reach out to us via email. Make sure you include the details of the referral, as well as the client contact information.

If we do decide to represent your client, a referral fee agreement can be signed by your firm, our lawyers, and the referred client as a part of the original retainer paperwork.

The client is always made aware of all aspects and provisions of the referral fee agreement. Once the case settles, you’ll receive your referral fee.

Contact Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. today if you are interested in referring your wrongful death case to a team of skilled and experienced attorneys.

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