The use of gasoline, propane, and other flammable materials is essential to modern life. Nearly everyone in Michigan uses some form of gas to drive a vehicle, ride a bus, heat their home, or do their cooking. As a result, injuries that can result from gas explosions are a constant threat.

Even with modern safety equipment and proper precautions, some explosions are inevitable. A person may suffer an injury after a pressure build-up in a natural gas line, due to another person’s negligence at a gas station, or even from gas tank fires in homes or cars.

A Michigan explosion accidents lawyer may be able to help you if you have suffered injuries in explosions. A seasoned premises liability attorney from Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. could work to investigate the causes of the explosions, to connect the negligence of other parties to those explosions, and to demand appropriate compensation for your losses.

Why Might an Explosion Occur?

Gasses and other flammable materials are ever-present in our lives. While we rely on these substances to power our day-to-day activities, a single out of place spark or pressure change can have a catastrophic effect. The companies that regulate the flow and distribution of explosive gases have a duty to protect their consumers from injuries that may result from catastrophic failures.

One common cause of gas explosions is pressure changes within a line. A significant change in pressure can cause valves or pipes to fail, pushing the gas out of the line at a high rate of speed. This can send metal or other materials flying through the air.

Other failures may occur when a gas is present in the environment. Fill stations that allow do not clean gasoline spills or hardware stores that fail to ensure the structural viability of propane tanks may be liable if those gases ignite and cause injuries. A Michigan explosion accidents lawyer could help injured plaintiffs investigate the causes of the explosion and to connect those causes to defendant negligence.

Home Explosion Lawsuits

Home explosions cause significant damage to the exploding home itself as well as neighboring businesses and properties.  Significant injuries and deaths result from these explosions.  Many are caused by faulty gas appliance hookups, like furnaces and hot water heaters.  Other explosions are the fault of the gas company for faulty hook ups from the gas line to the residence.

Victims can file both personal injury and property damage lawsuits against the person or entity responsible for the explosion.  A detailed investigation by our lawyers will identify the negligent party.  We will then file a lawsuit seeking compensation for allowable damages.

Typical Injuries that May Result from Explosions

Explosions are catastrophic events that can have a significant impact on the lives of victims. The most obvious result of an explosion is a physical injury. The explosion itself can inflict serious harm ranging from burns to shock-wave impacts. However, the force could also cause structural damage to buildings or the frames of vehicles. Oftentimes, this can trap a victim inside a structure, exposing them to flames or crushing their limbs.

While the physical damages possible after an explosion are significant, a personal injury claim may also make the case for mental anguish. Explosions can be traumatic experiences.  It is not uncommon for victims to endure PTSD or other mental health concerns following the incident. A claim can also demand payments to reimburse a person for any loss of quality of life following the accident.

In addition, the explosion could also cause significant property damage to peoples’ cars, homes, or businesses. Our Michigan explosion accident attorneys can help injured plaintiffs evaluate their losses and demand appropriate compensation from at-fault defendants.

A Michigan Explosion Accident Lawyer Will Help You to Recover Compensation for your Losses

If you suffered a personal injury due to an explosion, you have the right to demand compensation. However, explosion cases can be complex, and victims may have difficulty identifying the appropriate sources of compensation. Depending on the facts of your case, a gas station owner, the manufacturer of a propane tank, or even the local utility company may be liable.

A Michigan explosion accident lawyer will gather evidence concerning the cause of the explosion, connect that evidence to the actions of a defendant, and accurately assess your losses to demand fair payments. However, you must be sure to act quickly, as personal injury claims are subject to strict deadlines. Contact Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. today to schedule an appointment.

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