Michigan premises liability cases can result in significant settlements due to injuries incurred from accidents at grocery stores, department stores, and other retail businesses. Many of these accidents result in serious injuries to areas including the head, back, and neck, while fractured bones, hips, and knees are also common. These injuries are often due to wet or slippery floors, snow and ice, or other spilled liquids.

$1.175 Million
Defective Steps Causes Fall Injury
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$725 Thousand
Apartment Complex Mini-Blind Cord Entanglement
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$250 Thousand
$250,000 – Detroit trip and fall on broken parking lot
$225 Thousand
$225,000 – Michigan knee replacement
$150 Thousand
$150,000 Detroit Coffee Burn Settlement Against Casino
$117,500 – Detroit trip and fall settlement
$117.5 Thousand
$117,000 – Michigan Trip and Fall Poor Lighting Settlement – $117,500
$90 Thousand
TBI Settlement | Falling Store Shelf
$74 Thousand
$74,000 – Wyandotte Premises Liability Settlement – Defective Stairs
$50 Thousand
$50,000 Birmingham, Michigan Slip and Fall on Ice settlement
Confidential – Michigan Broken and Defective Steps Lawsuit – Fall Injuries
Confidential – Oakland County Falling Shelf Neurological Injuries Lawsuit