Case Type: Premises Liability
Settlement: $ 725,000

Facts of the Case

Our dangerous premises liability attorneys were hired to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit against an apartment complex in Macomb County, Michigan. The family rented a unit in a large complex that came equipped with mini-blinds. One of the young children was playing on a couch adjacent to the window and became entangled in the mini-blinds and died due to strangulation

Types of Injuries and Harm Suffered

Damages were claimed under the Michigan Wrongful Death Act for compensation for the pain and suffering from the time of incident until death, as well as for the loss of society and companionship for the surviving family members. The young girl was survived by her parents, siblings, and grandparents.

Legal Issues in the Case

  • Was the apartment complex liable for the dangerous mini-blinds?
  • Did the management know, or should it have known, about the defective blinds?
  • Did the apartment owner violate any local ordinances or state laws?
  • Were the parents negligent for not supervising their daughter?

What We Did to Win the Settlement

We filed a lawsuit in the Macomb County Circuit Court in Mt. Clemens, Michigan against the apartment owner for failing to provide a safe residence and for other theories of negligence. We took depositions of witnesses, inspected the apartment, and hired an expert on mini-blind safety. We also obtained all inspection and maintenance records for other units in the complex

Our attorney attended a settlement facilitation hearing and negotiated a settlement of $ 725,000 with the attorney for the apartment complex. The complex’s insurance company paid the settlement.

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