Our fire damage claim lawyers help people not treated fairly by the insurance company after a fire loss. Policyholders are often denied claims by the insurer even though they religiously paid their premiums for many years.  This causes anger, frustration, and feelings of disloyalty when the insurance company was supposed to be there to help.

Was Your Fire Damage Claim Denied From the Start?

Many times, the insurance company will simply deny your claim after a brief investigation.  The company may claim that you did not have a covered loss or the policy was not in effect at the time.  It may also argue you violated the policy terms or that arson was the cause of the blaze.

The insurance policy language determines what is covered after a fire.  A policy may only cover property caused by the fire itself. Other policies cover losses from smoke or water damage, even if caused by fire sprinklers or hoses used by firefighters.

Insurance Denials After a Fire Investigation

Insurance companies hire their own investigators and adjusters. They often look for reasons to deny legitimate fire loss claims.

Common reasons for denying a claim include:

  • The allegation of arson, either by the policyholder or someone on its behalf
  • Valuation differences in the amounts claimed for building damage and personal property
  • Disputes as to what personal items were actually destroyed in the fire
  • Accusations of fraud in making the claim

Disputes as to the Value of Loss Claims

The biggest dispute in a fire loss claim is often the amount claimed by the policyholder.  The insurance company adjuster will often grossly understate the value of the claim.  The company will then attempt to make a low offer of settlement.

It is smart for the policyholder to hire a private adjusting company.  The adjuster will give provide the real dollar amount of the loss. Quite often, the valuation difference between the private and insurance company adjuster provides the basis for a settlement.

What You Can Do About Insurance Denials and Delays

In addition to denying your claim, the insurance company may also delay the payment process.  It may be an attempt to induce to accept an unreasonably low amount. You should not be forced into this situation.

If your fire loss claim has been denied or delayed, you need the assistance of an experienced property damage law firm. These cases require significant legal expertise and a keen understanding of property insurance policies.  They also require a lawyer skilled at fighting and negotiating with insurance companies.

It is important to get started as soon as possible before property is destroyed or removed from the scene.  It must be itemized and photographed to document the loss.  Video is often useful in submitting your claim.

Contact us today and our attorneys will begin working on your case immediately.  We move quickly to make the insurance company pay your claim so you can get your life back on track.

We do not charge any legal fees unless we recover a settlement from the insurance company.

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