Our insurance lawyers have extensive experience handling cases against insurers for all types of disputed cases. Insurance companies are notorious for denying claims and delaying payments.

An insurance policyholder who has a claim denied, rejected, or delayed needs the help of an attorney with the experience to fight the insurer. These cases require the skill and resources of a law firm that regularly battles and wins lawsuits against insurance companies.

At Buckfire Law, our top-rated lawyers sue insurance companies for insureds that have been wrongfully denied coverage or refused a legal defense.

We have a tremendous track record of successful settlements and jury trial verdicts.

Types of Insurance Claim Cases We Handle

Our attorneys sue insurance companies for their handling of claims and losses, including:

Common Reasons Insurers Denying Claims/h2>
Insurance companies deny claims for a number of reasons. Many of the reasons are unjustified and actually contradict the terms of the policy.

Common reasons for denials include:

  • The policy was not in effect at the time of the loss;
  • The loss was not covered by the policy;
  • A loss was specifically excluded from the policy;
  • Claims were not properly submitted to the company;
  • A claim was not submitted in a timely manner;
  • Pre-certification for treatment was not obtained;
  • Treatments and procedures were not medically necessary;
  • Fraud, arson, or other illegal activity caused the loss;
  • Another insurer is responsible for the payment.

There are many other reasons why claims are denied. The insurer will typically send you a letter explaining the basis of the denial.

Can I Sue if My Insurance Company Denied my Claim?

Although some claims are properly denied, many are unlawful denials. You should not take the word of the insurance company that you are not entitled to benefit payments.

Our top-rated insurance lawyers will review the facts of your case to see if you were improperly denied an insurance payment. If the denial was improper, we will sue the insurance company.

Lawsuits against insurance companies demand payment of benefits. Many times, the court can award interest and attorney fees if the insurance company improperly denied a claim.

Can You Sue an Insurance Company for Taking Too Long to Pay?

Insurance companies have another tactic they use to frustrate policyholders.

Rather than outright denying a claim, they will simply delay payment as long as possible. This causes serious economic hardship and inconvenience to a person or business.

If your insurer is delaying paying your claim, you will likely have to file a lawsuit. Some courts will issue a temporary order to pay some benefits while the matter is pending.

Many times, the insurer will simply make your payment immediately after the lawsuit is filed to avoid long and protracted litigation. This is especially true when the company knows the delay is improper and unlawful. It does not want to incur penalties for this wrongful conduct.

How Do I File a Lawsuit against an Insurance Company?

You can try to file a lawsuit on your own against an insurance company. However, be prepared to take on a team of well-funded and aggressive defense lawyers.

Our team of insurance lawyers will review your case and determine if you have the basis for a lawsuit.

If you were wrongfully denied coverage or delayed payment, we will file your lawsuit.

The courthouse to file your lawsuit depends on a number of factors. These include the type of claim, the amount of claim, and the insurance company being sued in the case.

Insurance Claims Case Study

A homeowner filed an insurance claim lawsuit demanding damages from an insurance carrier after the plaintiff’s home was destroyed by fire. The lawsuit alleged claims of insurance agent negligence and breach of contract. The plaintiff purchased replacement coverage insurance that would pay to rebuild the home regardless of cost if it was destroyed by fire.

After the home burned down, the insurer refused to pay for the rebuild. A lawsuit was filed against multiple parties. The case subsequently settled for $825,000 before trial

How Long Does a Lawsuit Take to Finish?

Every lawsuit is different, so the amount of time it takes from start to finish varies on a case-by-case basis.

Some cases are resolved quickly with settlement payments and others take much longer if there are significant legal issues to be decided by the court.

Additionally, each judge and each court generally set their own case scheduling orders. Some judges move cases quickly and others take much longer.

It often depends on the complexities of a particular case as well as the number of other cases on a court docket.

Do Most Insurance Lawsuits Settle Out of Court?

More than 90% of all lawsuits settle before going to a trial.

The cases are either dismissed by a judge based upon legal grounds or end with a negotiated settlement.

Many times, a mediator will work with both sides to reach an agreement before a trial.

How Much Do Insurance Lawyers Charge for Cases?

Our insurance lawyers handle most cases on a contingent fee basis. This means that we do not charge any legal fees unless you get a settlement.

We get paid a percentage of the settlement recovery amount at the very end of the case.

Contact an Insurance Lawyer

If you have been denied insurance coverage or had a payment delayed, contact our insurance attorneys today. We will review your case and provide a free consultation.

There are strict time deadlines for filing insurance lawsuits, so do not hesitate.

If you wait too long to seek legal assistance, your claim may be lost forever.

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