Our Michigan personal injury lawyers represent bed bug bite victims.  If a property owner was negligent in keeping their premises free of these bugs and you were bitten, you can file a claim for compensation.  These cases are typically filed against hotels and other properties by guests and tenants.

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What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are small insects that are attracted to body heat and often bite humans while they are sleeping. These bugs tend to increase near beds and couches and are more common in damp and dark locations.

Identifying bed bugs is not always easy, especially during a short stay in a hotel room or an AirBNB.  These insects are small, flat, and reddish-brown, and can only crawl—but cannot fly or jump. You may never see the actual bugs and bites may not show up for hours or days after your stay.

Bed bug bites cause raised, red, mildly itchy welts that appear in a zig-zag pattern across the body. If scratched, they can become open sores.  Many victims seek medical treatment at a hospital or clinic for their injuries.

Infestations in Apartments and Rental Homes

Unfortunately, apartments and rental homes are a common place for bug attacks to occur.  Michigan’s housing law covers most dwellings used for living or sleeping.  Owners or landlords are responsible for keeping the entire building or premise free from vermin, or pests or nuisance animals that threaten human society.

If you or someone you know rents an apartment or home and suffered bed bug injuries, you do have legal rights.  Most victims can pursue a lawsuit against the negligent property owner or landlord.

Bed Bugs in Hotels & Motels

Hotels are a common place for bed bugs bites. Instances often occur when the hotel operator or manager knows of the infestation problem but fails to inform their guests.  Hotels should have regular spraying by an exterminator or pest control company to prevent the problem.

Establishing Liability

Hotel owners and rental property owners have a legal duty to provide safe and uncontaminated places for guests and tenants.  This includes regular maintenance to prevent bed bugs and eliminate them from the property.

When they violate this duty, they can be sued for compensation. Likewise, if they were aware of an infestation problem but failed to take reasonable measures to correct it, they may be responsible.

Filing a Bed Bug Claim

Individuals who suffered bed bug bites can file a claim for compensation.  Settlements include payment for pain and suffering, scars and disfigurement, and for medical bills and expenses.

If possible, take photographs of the hotel room or apartment.  Many times, dead bugs are scattered on the sheets or on the floor near the bed.  You should also take photographs of your skin for evidence of the bites. This type of evidence is an essential component of any personal injury claim.

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