A Michigan jet ski accident lawyer can help if you were injured due to the negligence of another.  The injuries suffered in these accidents are often serious, and many times even deadly.

Jet skis, also known as personal watercrafts (PWCs), carry inherent risks. If you or a loved one has suffered severe injuries in a crash or collision, call a Michigan jet ski accidents lawyer to discuss how to best proceed. In some cases, another jet ski operator may be at fault. In others, another watercraft operator may be to blame. Other times, the manufacturer of a PWC is at fault, which can lead to a defective product claim. A dedicated attorney can help with any of these circumstances.

Most Popular Personal Watercraft Types

There are a number of different types of personal watercraft (PWC) types, including:

  • Jet Ski by Kawasaki
  • Wave Runners
  • Sea-Doos

Each company sells different model types as well.  Some models are for multiple passengers and others are for stand-up vs. sit-down.

Typical Causes of a Michigan Jet Ski Accident

Various circumstances can lead to Michigan jet ski accidents. Some of the most common causes include:

  • Colliding with another watercraft
  • Crashing into docks, tree stumps, and other objects
  • Capsizing in the wake of another boat or large wave
  • Riding with an inexperienced operator
  • Operating jet skis at high rates of speed or in a reckless manner

Jet ski or boat operators also may be impaired by drugs or alcohol when operating watercraft.  This can lead to catastrophic consequences.

When the negligence of the jet ski operator, boat operator, or others leads to these devastating crashes, a jet ski accidents lawyer in Michigan may be able to help.

Potential Injuries from PWC Crashes

The injuries that can occur as a result of jet ski crashes can be devastating. Traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and neck injuries can result from collisions involving personal watercrafts. Collisions with larger boats can also result in severe lacerations and blunt force trauma.

Drowning is also a possibility, particularly when individuals are not utilizing proper safety gear.  The failure to wear US Coast Guard-approved life jackets can have tragic results, especially when an accident involves an inexperienced swimmer.  A person who survives a crash with minimal injury may drown in rough waters in the absence of an appropriate life vest.

Applicable Michigan Laws

Depending on the body of water where a crash occurred, different laws may apply to a claim. For instance, if the PWC accident occurred on one of the Great Lakes or on many rivers and streams that connect them, admiralty laws apply.

If the accident occurs on a land-locked lake or inland body of water, then general negligence laws of Michigan would apply. These differences can result in claims being filed in federal court as opposed to state court, or vice versa.

Michigan jet ski accident lawyer

Can I Sue for a Jet Ski Accident?

A person injured in a jet ski accident can sue a negligent party for injuries suffered in a personal watercraft accident.  This includes the driver of another boat or watercraft that crashed into a jet ski or created an unreasonable wave that led to injury or harm.

A jet ski passenger injured due to the carelessness of the operator can sue the driver of the jet ski for damages as well.  We have won many of these claims, even when the passenger and operator are friends or family members.  The insurance company pays the settlement.

How Much are Jet Ski Accident Settlements?

Compensation for injuries suffered in a Michigan jet ski accident includes a payout for pain and suffering, disability, medical expenses, and lost wages.

In the event of a fatal accident, family members can pursue a wrongful death lawsuit against the person or entity responsible for the loss of the loved one.

Settlements are often paid by the insurance company of the negligent party.  This can include a homeowner’s insurance company or the insurer of the watercraft itself.  When a business is at fault, a liability policy will pay the damages.

There are no guidelines as to the amount of a settlement payout.  Every case is unique and the amount of the settlement depends on the facts of the case, the severity of the injuries, and the amount of insurance coverage.  Our jet ski accident attorneys will work hard to maximize your settlement award.

Call a Michigan Jet Ski Accidents Attorney for Legal Guidance

If another boater or individual caused your injuries, you have legal rights. For help after your accident, contact our experienced personal injury law firm.

We will not charge any legal fees unless we get you a settlement.  We pay all of the case expenses so it costs you nothing to get started.

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