Although sports offer many benefits to people of all ages, such as exercise and socialization, it is not without its inherent risks. While this risk is reduced with the use of proper equipment and caution, athletes are still susceptible to injuries. Whether it is due to defective gear, a reckless player, or a hazardous playing field, anyone injured while engaging in a sport might wish to speak to a compassionate and tenacious attorney at Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C.

If you or a loved one was injured due to another person’s negligence, a Michigan sports injury lawyer is here to help. A legal professional who is familiar with claims stemming recreational activities could answer your questions, explain your rights, and work to request compensation on your behalf.

Causes of Athletic Injuries

Due to the inherent nature of many sports, injuries can arise from any number of circumstances. However, one uniting factor is that many are caused by the negligence of another person or party. Common factors that cause athletic injuries include:

  • Encouraging or allowing conduct or behavior that is outside the rules of the sport—for example, playing dirty or using too much force
  • Not removing an injured player from a game
  • Physically assaulting a player
  • Pushing the child beyond reasonable limits during training and practice, often causing heat exhaustion
  • Not consulting medical professionals in an emergency
  • Faulty or poorly maintained equipment or safety gear
  • Defective or poorly maintained playing fields or courts

When accidents occur for these or other reasons, it is essential to determine the root cause in order to have a successful claim. However, after an injury, an individual might be overwhelmed and unsure of how an injury even arose. Due to this, enlisting the services of an experienced Michigan sports injury attorney could be essential.

Waivers of Consent

When it comes to sports injuries, one of the biggest legal hurdles in recovering damages has to do with the waiver that the player or their guardian likely signed beforehand. These consent forms are usually required to participate in most sports, whether they are school, city, religious, or community-sponsored. When the player or the guardian signs this firm, they are acknowledging that they understand there are risks involved in playing the sport, and they relieve the sponsor of most liability.

However, the school or group that is sponsoring the sport might still be held liable for the actions of their coaches or other staff—if their conduct was not within the scope of the game. The parties responsible for maintaining the fields or courts and equipment could also be held liable, depending on the type of injury. A knowledgable and determined sports injury lawyer in Michigan might be able to help you overcome this barrier by taking a close look at how the accident occurred and determining who is to blame.

Statute of Limitations for Filing an Athletic Accident Claim

The time allowed by law to file a lawsuit after most sports-related accidents is three years from the date the injury occurred, as found in Michigan Compiled Laws § 600.5805. However, if the case involves injury to a minor child, they could file their case up to one year after their 18th birthday.

Missing the filing deadline could greatly dimish the legal rights and options available to the injured athlete. Because of this, consulting with an attorney who has experience filing timely sports injury claims in Michigan could be helpful.

Seek the Services of a Michigan Sports Injury Attorney

Any athlete or parent whose child plays sports understands that injuries are a part of most games. While bruises and sprains might heal quickly, serious injuries can occur when another person is extremely careless or reckless.

A Michigan sports injury lawyer could help if you or a loved one was harmed in a sports-related accident. Because of the time restrictions placed on filing a claim, contacting an attorney at Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. as soon as possible is advisable. Call today for a free case review.

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