While horseback riding is a fun and exciting activity and sport, it is essential that each person take the utmost caution. Unfortunately, even when a rider is careful, there are still countless ways that they can get hurt. If you or a loved one was injured while on horseback, a Michigan horseback riding accident lawyer can help.

An attorney specializing in recreational injury accidents at our award-winning law firm will investigate the unique circumstances of your case and determine if another person or business is to blame.  If so, we will help you pursue compensation for your injuries and other accident-related losses.

Common Injuries After a Horseback Riding Accident

The size of most horses, as well as the nature of riding means that any horseback-related injuries are often severe.  Common equestrian injuries  include:

Along with the physical trauma of these or other injuries, an individual might also face significant medical bills and missed time at work, resulting in lost wages. As a result, anyone injured in a horse riding incident might wish to pursue compensation through a civil claim with the help of a well-versed Michigan lawyer. Even when an injured individual is not sure that there is a potential defendant for their case, it is beneficial to speak with a legal professional to determine which steps they could take.

 Michigan horseback injury lawyer

Establishing Fault for a Riding Injury

Michigan is one of the 46 states that have enacted legislation specifically addressing equine activities, such as horseback riding. While a defendant is not inherently liable for a horse-related injury or death, there are certain circumstances that could result in their liability. For example, an injured claimant could have a successful equestrian accident case if they demonstrated that a defendant:

  • Provided faulty tack or equipment for participant use
  • Failed to make reasonable and prudent efforts to ascertain the ability of the participant to safely participate in the associated activity before providing them with a horse
  • Allowed for dangerous land conditions where an equine activity takes place for which warning signs are not posted and obviously visible

Under §691.1665, of this act, the state has an unusual exception to the liability law that applies when the defendant acts negligently or makes an omission that is the proximate cause of the plaintiff’s injury. This exception might be beneficial for an injured claimant to pursue a persuasive claim with the help of an experienced Michigan horse riding accident attorney.

Can I Sue if I signed a Liability Waiver?

Many horse stables and camps require participants to sign waivers of liability before they can use the facilities.  Although these waivers are often upheld to prevent lawsuits, there are exceptions to these laws.  It is wise to have an attorney review the waiver to determine if you can still sue for your injuries despite signing a liability waiver.

How much are Horse Riding Injury Settlements?

There is no guideline, or even calculator, used to determine the amount of a horseback riding injury settlement.  Every case is unique from both a liability and damages perspective, so each case must be assessed individually to determine the proper amount of recoverable damages.

Every Michigan personal injury case has several types of recoverable damages, including physical pain and suffering, mental anguish, and disability.  An injured claimant is also entitled to payment of medical expenses, lost wages, and other financial losses.    Our attorneys will carefully evaluate your case to determine the amount of your settlement.

Get Help from a Michigan Horseback Riding Accident Attorney

If you or a loved one was injured in a Michigan horseback riding incident, you have legal options.  Contact a compassionate attorney at Buckfire Law to see if you can sue for a horse-riding or horse stable injury.  Even when injuries are apparent, navigating the claims process alone is often overwhelming, especially as you recover from your injuries.

A Michigan horse riding accident lawyer will explain your rights, assess your legal options, and help you decide how to best proceed.

To discuss your legal circumstances further, schedule a free consultation today.

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