Shoulder dystocia is a medical condition that occurs during the birth of a child. It occurs when the baby’s head is able to be delivered through the vagina, but the shoulders get stuck inside the mother’s body.

Shoulder dystocia in MichiganDystocia is defined as slow or difficult labor or delivery.  Both the mother and the baby can suffer injuries when this occurs.

The baby might be left with permanent injuries to the shoulder and arm. Shoulder dystocia is a serious medical condition that affects a child throughout his or her lifetime.

However, this injury can be preventable in some circumstances with proper medical care, planning, and attention. Therefore, if your child suffered this condition due to a doctor’s negligence during delivery, you can file a lawsuit for compensation with the help of a skilled and experienced lawyer.

Risk Factors of Shoulder Dystocia

Pregnant women are at risk for their baby having shoulder dystocia during delivery when:

  • The baby is very large.
  • She has diabetes.
  • Pregnant with twins or multiple births.
  • Obese or severely overweight.
  • Delivery occurs after the baby’s due date.
  • The mother has a history of other babies born with shoulder dystocia.

When risk factors for shoulder dystocia are identified, the treating doctors and medical providers must anticipate a potential problem at the time of delivery.  They required to take precautionary measures for the safety of the mom and baby. Preventive planning is essential.

Proper birth delivery measures include different types of maneuvers that allow the shoulders to safely pass to avoid injury or harm.  Other measures include early induction of labor and a planned Cesarean section.

Complications of Shoulder Dystocia

The prime concern of shoulder dystocia is the upper brachial plexus nerve damage. Excess tension can tear the nerve roots, resulting in complete dysfunction of the fetus. The ventral roots are at greatest risk of injury as these endure the greatest tension.

When these nerves are damaged, the child loses strength or control in the affected shoulder and arm.  Quite often, this damage lasts a lifetime and limits the child’s ability to participate in normal childhood activities. The bad shoulder can also impact the child’s ability to work in many occupations in adulthood.

What is Needed to Prove a Shoulder Dystocia Lawsuit?

Shoulder dystocia lawsuits are actually medical malpractice cases.  They allege medical negligence in the delivery of the baby.  If the injury was likely based upon the risk factors and was preventable, you have the basis for a lawsuit.

Our medical legal team will review the pre-natal and birth records to determine if you have a case.  We will then discuss our findings with top obstetrician experts.  If a doctor agrees there was medical negligence, we will file your lawsuit and demand a settlement.

How much are Settlement Amounts?

Settlement amounts are determined on a case by case bases.  In general,  cases seek compensation for the harm and injuries suffered by the child.  Damages include disability, loss of enjoyment of life, and psychological injuries. Many children grow up self-conscious because of their appearance and limitations.

Compensation is substantial because of the potential economic impact and financial losses over the child’s entire lifetime.  They also demand payment of medical expenses, past, present, and future.  Many children need specialized medical care, including physical and occupational therapy.  Parents may also be entitled to settlement.

Call a Michigan Shoulder Dystocia Lawyer

If your child suffered shoulder dystocia due to medical negligence or a doctor’s error, contact our experienced lawyers to discuss your legal options. There are strict time deadlines for filing lawsuits so call us today.  If you miss a deadline, the case will be destroyed forever.

We charge no legal fees whatsoever unless you receive a settlement. It costs nothing to start your case.  Call now to get started!

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