By going to doctor’s appointments regularly during pregnancy, women can avoid many potential complications to both themselves and their unborn child—including the risk of folic acid deficiency. These women trust that their doctors know what to check and when to check it, and that they would be able to spot any symptoms that might be concerning or become problematic.

Unfortunately, many women and their infant might suffer when a medical provider neglects to properly interpret certain signs and symptoms. If you and your newborn suffered from a folic acid deficiency anemia injury in Michigan due to a doctor or other medical professional’s negligence, you are likely to feel overwhelmed and worried for yourself and your child.

However, when the careless or reckless behavior of a care provider causes your injuries, you have legal options and should consider reaching out to a caring and skilled lawyer at Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. for help.

What is Anemia from Folic Acid Deficiency?

Low levels of folic acid in the body is known as a folic acid deficiency or folate deficiency. All people are at risk for this condition, as the body does not naturally make folic acid and must instead acquire it from other sources. Folic acid anemia occurs when there is not enough hemoglobin in each individual red blood cell or when the body lacks the appropriate number of red blood cells.

In Michigan, folic acid deficiency anemia is common in pregnancy. Unfortunately, babies born to mothers with this condition could suffer serious injuries or side effects. As reported by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, infants who are deficient in folic acid have a greater chance of medical complications, including:

When a Physician’s Negligence Causes Anemia Complications

It is the current and long-standing standard of care in Michigan that obstetricians monitor their patients for folic acid deficiency anemia throughout their pregnancy, especially those that may be at higher risk. If the doctor fails to check folic acid levels on a patient—or checks them but does nothing about sub-optimal results— they could be considered negligent in a civil lawsuit.

Of course, if nothing comes from their negligence, this would not be the basis for a lawsuit. However, if the mother or her baby are injured in any way by not having their anemia from folic acid deficiency diagnosed and treated, the physician should be pursued for compensation.

Obtaining an Affidavit of Merit for a Claim

When filing a lawsuit on the basis of malpractice, an injured claimant must first acquire an affidavit of merit, according to Michigan Compiled Laws § 600.2169. For these claims, an affivdavit is essential, as it helps to validate the lawsuit.

Essentially, a qualified medical expert who is licensed to practice in the same area of medicine as the defendant and has the same board certifications is required to attest to a number of legal elements on their signed affidavit. This includes establishing:

  • The case-specific standard of care
  • Breach of standard of care by the defendant
  • How the defendant could have avoided the breach
  • How the breach directly caused the plaintiff’s injuries and damages

These four legal components are what must be demonstrated for virtually all injury claims. However, establishing these elements in court often takes the skill and knowledge of a lawyer who is familiar with Michigan folic acid deficiency anemia injury claims.

Call a Lawyer After a Michigan Folic Acid Deficiency Anemia Injury

If you or your infant have suffered due to a folic acid deficiency anemia injury in Michigan, a well-practiced and credible lawyer could help. When a medical professional’s careless or reckless actions cause you harm, you should not have to bear the ensuing costs alone.

By retaining an attorney at Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C., you could have a legal professional guide you through the claims process and demand compensation for your losses. Call a legal professional today to learn more.

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