The birth of your child should be a precious time, however complications may occur during the pregnancy, and or delivery. Medical professionals are required to recognize changing conditions in the fetus and mother during pregnancy, labor, delivery, and immediately after birth. Failure to maintain an acceptable standard of treatment can result in a wide range of problems to the baby.

The failure to properly deliver a baby or care for a newborn can give rise to a Michigan birth injury lawsuit. Families should contact our award winning law firm today at (800) 606-1717 for a free, no obligation case review. If we do not get you a settlement for any reason, then you owe us nothing. It’s that simple. Remember, however, that there are strict time deadlines that must be met to file birth injury lawsuits, so it is important that you contact an attorney as soon as possible. If you miss a deadline, your claim could be lost forever.


Larry Buckfire’s greatest concern was the future financial security of my child and I am grateful for his efforts. I would tell anybody who is unsure, embarrassed about the situation, or just distraught, to come to Larry because he knows how to take care of these problems. He knows how to ensure a future for your child, and that’s what matters.

- Tanyel Sharp

Families of injured children hire Larry Buckfire to represent their injured child for three (3) reasons. First, without question, Larry is among the elite child injury lawyers in the United States of America, and is clearly the leader in the State of Michigan. He has recovered millions of dollars for injured children time after time.

Second, Larry gives each child’s case his own personal attention from start to finish. While he does work with a skilled team of lawyers and child injury experts, when Larry Buckfire makes a commitment to represent your child, he personally handles the case until the very end – and knows your child’s case inside and out. Unlike some law firms, your case will never get handed off to an associate – Larry sees it through to the end.

And, third, Larry Buckfire makes sure that your injured child is taken care of forever. He has been at the forefront of planning to make sure injured children have their settlements protected, and their financial needs met for the rest of their lives – not only so the child will be cared for properly, but also so that the families can relax and focus their energy on what’s important, which is loving their injured child. Your injured child, and your family, would be fortunate to have Larry Buckfire on your side.

- Chris Keane

We contacted attorney Lawrence J. Buckfire to represent our four year old daughter in a medical malpractice case against her former pediatrician. We were very concerned that the pediatrician was negligent in failing to diagnose the condition of pediatric hip dysplasia when our child was an infant. She was later diagnosed by another doctor, but due to the late diagnosis she had to undergo several surgeries.

Mr. Buckfire thoroughly reviewed the records and determined that there was a valid case. He worked with two top medical experts to prove that the pediatrician did commit medical malpractice and that a sooner diagnosis would have resulted in treatment other than surgery. He was able to achieve an excellent settlement for our daughter.

Mr. Buckfire and his staff provided great communication with us throughout the entire process and worked hard to achieve an excellent settlement. I would highly recommend the law firm of
to the parents of any injured child and to anyone searching for a top medical malpractice lawyer in Michigan.

Written by: Garon Fry & Ashley Cole

- Garon Fry & Ashley Cole