Our sexual assault lawsuit attorneys are investigating hidden camera claims against the Chili Pepper’s Tanning in Shelby Township, Michigan.

Recently, an off-duty police officer discovered several hidden cameras at the salon located at Van Dyke and 25 Mile Road. The video cameras were apparently set up to record customers in private rooms.

According to reports, the officer noticed a tiny hole next to a speaker cover at the foot of a tanning bed. It was facing upwards, likely to get views of customers in an exposed position.

A police sweep of the location found three tanning rooms with the same video setup. The cameras were sophisticated and sent out a livestream.

Many of the customers are teenagers and their parents are obviously concerned about the incident. It is unknown at this time how long the cameras were filming at the location.

It is also unknown who saw the videos and if they were being broadcast across the internet or being shared with other people.

About Chili Pepper’s Tanning

Chili Pepper’s Tanning is a Michigan for-profit corporation with its headquarters in Shelby Township, Michigan.

It is a family-owned business with 22 locations in Michigan. Many of the locations are franchises. The majority of the locations are in and around the Macomb County area.

Chili Pepper’s Tanning locations offer a number of tanning services. This includes UV Tanning, Airbrush, and VersapaSpa.  VersaSpa is a spray tanning service performed with a high-tech machine.

The Hidden Camera Investigation

The Shelby Police Department conducted an investigation of the incident.

The salon owner was apparently unaware of the video cameras. At the time of the discovery, it was unknown who placed the cameras at the location.

The tanning salon hired a private investigator and offered a reward for information leading to an arrest of the perpetrator.

News reports from Feb. 21, 2020 indicate that the police arrested a 38-year-old man from Macomb County. The investigation is continuing.

The person found responsible for the placement of these cameras will face serious criminal consequences.

Legal Claims for Chili Pepper’s Customers

Our law office has been contacted by several customers of the Shelby Township location to investigate possible civil claims for damages.

Although the Chili Pepper’s did not place the cameras, a business does have a legal duty for the safety of its customers.

For a tanning salon, this would include claims for invasion of privacy.

Customers expect that they will be tanning in a private and secure setting. They have an expectation that no one will be watching them or videotaping them while undressed.

A business, such as a tanning salon, has the legal duty to inspect the property and regularly check for any hazards or defects. The unlawful placement of video cameras is considered a defect.

To prove a lawsuit claim, it must be established that the store “knew or should have known” of the illegal activity on the property.

While the owners apparently had no actual knowledge of the cameras, it can be argued that it should have known.  In fact, it was an off-duty police officer customer who initially found the camera.

If the store performed regular checks of the premises, even during routine cleaning, it likely could have found the cameras.

Since the incident, the store has installed additional surveillance cameras to protect against future incidents.  However, regular inspections of the premises likely could have found the cameras earlier and protected the privacy of its clients.

Types of Damages Available in Hidden Camera Lawsuits

Victims of hidden video cameras are entitled to several types of compensation.

Settlements include payouts for emotional trauma, embarrassment, humiliation, and other psychological harm.

The impact on each person is different, but it is very traumatic for many people, especially younger women and teenagers.

A major impact is simply not knowing who was watching them naked and where the video was being streamed.

The long-term emotional impact can be great for many. It affects their willingness to expect privacy in any setting and makes them self-conscious around other people.

Several hidden camera lawsuits around the United States have resulted in substantial settlements and jury verdicts. This includes lawsuits filed against hotels, Airbnb, and other businesses.

Find Out if You Have a  Chili Pepper’s Tanning Claim

If you were a customer at Chili Pepper’s Tanning Salon in Shelby Township, you may have a claim for damages. Because it appears that the video cameras were present for a lengthy period, you may have been the victim of unlawful video streaming.

Our law firm will fully investigate a claim for you or your child.

We have an office located close to the tanning salon. The address is 41424 Van Dyke Avenue, Shelby Township, Michigan.

One of our experienced attorneys will meet you at that office to discuss your case with you. We are very discreet and your information will be kept confidential.

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