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It is estimated that around 2.2 million boys are currently enrolled in the Boy Scout program. However, numbers are declining. Much of this decline may due to allegations of sexual abuse throughout the scouting community.

Our lawyers have experience handling sexual abuse lawsuits in Michigan. If you or a loved one was abused, you should contact our attorneys to learn your legal rights and options. Depending on the circumstances, you can collect compensation from the Boy Scouts of America and the abusive leader.

Boy Scout Sexual Abuse Lawsuits in Michigan

How Boy Scout Abuse Happens

While many troop leaders participate in Boy Scout programs for the right reasons, others abuse the power and trust granted to them. Unfortunately, many victims of abuse do not come forward with their story, either due to shame or the belief that no one will listen.  Many are threatened to not come forward with their story.

With many of these children unable to protect themselves or unable to properly communicate what has happened to them, establishing a boy scout sexual abuse lawsuit can be difficult without the guidance of a Michigan attorney.

Any person who has ever been the victim of sexual abuse has the ability and the right to come forward. This includes victims of current abuse who are still children as well as people who are now adults who have come to terms with past incidents.

Taking Legal Action against Predators

While the Boy Scouts of America are not the direct abusers, civil lawsuits that arise from sexual abuse in Michigan can still allege that the institution failed to provide adequate protection to scouts.

When the Boy Scouts approve a troop leader or any other adult volunteer, they are supposed to perform adequate background checks and other vetting processes to ensure that person’s fitness to be around young children. Furthermore, if the Boy Scouts learns of instances of abuse and do nothing to correct or otherwise deal with the allegations, the Boy Scouts can share liability in a lawsuit. Plaintiffs typically pursue these claims under the theories of negligent hiring or a failure to provide protection to children under their care.

Recent changes in Michigan law have made it easier for the victims of boy scout sexual abuse to demand compensation in a lawsuit. According to Michigan Compiled Law 600.5851b, any child who was the victim of criminal sexual misconduct may file a civil claim for damages beyond the typical statute of limitations. Under the statute, a claim is valid:

  • Until the victim reaches the age of 28, or
  • For three years after the victim discovers the connection between the injury and criminal sexual conduct

The law states that the statute of limitation is the later of these two dates. As a result, a claim for damages due to sexual abuse while in the Boy Scouts is valid at almost any time.

Call an Attorney to File a Boy Scout Sexual Abuse Lawsuit in Michigan

The abuse of young boys in the Boy Scouts of America is an ongoing problem. There are now hundreds of men in Michigan alone who allege that they were the victims of sexual abuse while in the Scouting program. Not only are the perpetrators of this abuse liable for their actions, but the Boy Scouts of America may share responsibility as well.

The laws in Michigan allow adults who suffered abuse to come forward to demand compensation years after the fact. In addition, children who are the current victims of abuse may pursue their claims with the help of their parents.

No matter the circumstances, you can benefit from contacting an attorney at Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. for help filing a Boy Scout sexual abuse lawsuit in Michigan. To learn more, schedule a consultation with us today.

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