Our Michigan bus injury lawyers help people who are injured in hotel vans and airport shuttle bus accidents.

Most occur at the Wayne County Airport located in the city of Romulus that services the metro Detroit area and is a major hub for several airlines. Many passengers are staying at a nearby hotel to catch a connecting flight the following morning.

Injury victims include passengers being transported in these vehicles to hotels and parking lots. Also, others hit in their own vehicle, while walking, or riding a bicycle.

If you suffered a serious injury, you need our top-rated accident lawyers on your side.

Common Types of Airport Shuttle Bus & Hotel Van Accidents

The most common reasons for hotel transportation van and airport shuttle bus accidents are:

  • Sudden stops by drivers causing unrestrained passengers to fall from their seats.
  • Drivers disobeying traffic signals and stop signs.
  • Speeding and careless driving by the driver.
  • Bus and van drivers hitting or being struck by other vehicles.
  • Pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcyclists getting hit by buses and vans.
  • Vans and buses driving away before passengers are completely on the bus or have exited the vehicle.

Hotel shuttle buses are widely used to transport visitors to and from the hotel as well as to different attractions near the hotel.

Most casinos, hotels, and motels in the Detroit area offer this free service to their guests. Many of these are airline employees, like pilots and flight attendants, being driven to local hotels for short overnight stays until their next flight.

In addition, airport shuttle buses that take people to hotels and parking lots are also involved in a number of injury accidents.  These accidents often occur near the Wayne County Metropolitan Airport in Romulus, Michigan which services the Detroit area.  They also occur near the airports in Grand Rapids, Flint, Lansing, and Northern Michigan.

We have had clients injured due to luggage and heavy items falling off storage racks onto their head and bodies during a ride.

An injured passenger can file a claim against the hotel chain if the shuttle driver was negligent and caused the accident. If another motorist caused the accident, the injured passengers can file claims against the at-fault driver that caused the crash.

The line graph below shows the number of bus injury crashes in the United States from 2007-2017. 

Bus accident injury chart - Buckfire Law

  • 2007: 24,000
  • 2008: 24,000
  • 2009: 20,000
  • 2010: 27,000
  • 2011: 24,000
  • 2012: 23,000
  • 2013: 38,000
  • 2014: 22,000
  • 2015: 24,000
  • 2016: 35,000
  • 2017: 25,000

What to Do After a Shuttle Bus Accident

If you were injured as a passenger on a shuttle bus or van, it is very important to make a written report to the driver and the company that owned or operated the vehicle.

If you cannot make a written report, you should call in the incident and make a verbal report as soon as possible. This is the best way to prove it happened and to prevent the company from later denying that you were ever injured on one of their vehicles.

Also, try to get the names and cell phone numbers of other passengers in the vehicle at the time. You may need them as witnesses at a later date to prove your claims.

Your Questions Answered After a Michigan Shuttle Bus Accident

Our shuttle bus injury attorneys will answer all of your questions and provide you with free legal advice after your accident.  These include:

Types of Claims After A Hotel Shuttle Van Accident

The injuries suffered in a hotel shuttle bus or van accident are often significant. These include:

These conditions often require emergency medical care and many require ongoing treatment for years after the accident. Victims frequently undergo surgery, injections for pain relief, and have lengthy periods of rehabilitation to get them back to full strength.

How Much Can I Sue For After my Accident?

There is no limit to the amount of compensation you can demand or receive. Under Michigan law, you can sue for both personal injury damages and economic losses if you suffered injuries in the accident.

The possible recoverable non-economic damages include compensation for your physical pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, psychological and emotional harm, and disability from recreational and other activities. Your spouse can also make a claim for the loss of your companionship during your period of recovery.

Your claim for economic damages includes lost wages, medical expenses, and other financial losses caused by the accident. These are in addition to your personal injury damages.

In cases involving the death of a passenger or person outside the vehicle, our lawyers will file a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the surviving family members. These cases seek settlements for the pain and suffering of the decedent, the loss of companionship to the family members, funeral expenses, and other damages.  These settlements are often substantial and get paid to the family members and heirs of the decedent. 

Is There a Time Limit to File a Claim?

In Michigan, the statute of limitations is three years from the date of accident to file a negligence claim against the driver and owner of the vehicle.

The deadline for filing a no-fault insurance claim is much shorter and if you miss the deadline your claim will be lost forever. It is important that you call a lawyer immediately to start your case. 

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Lawyer

We will represent you under our No-Fee Promise. This means there are no legal fees unless you receive a settlement in your case.

We pay all case costs and expenses and if your case is unsuccessful for any reason, you owe us nothing. We put that in writing for you.

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