If you were injured in any type of Michigan bus accident, discussing your legal options with a seasoned lawyer might be beneficial. Because many buses are owned by government or commercial entities, the path to determining and proving liability for an accident is often complicated.

Establishing Liability Based on the Type of Bus

Due to the variety of buses on Michigan roads—including school buses, hotel vans, and charter buses, such as Greyhound—there are numerous types of accidents that could arise. However, it is important for anyone injured in a crash to understand how to handle a civil lawsuit, depending on their unique circumstances.

For example, the government organizations responsible for enabling public transit systems have a responsibility to to ensure these buses are being safely operated. As a result, when a driver employed by the government is improperly trained, a lawsuit might be filed against the agency responsible for hiring the driver that caused a crash.

Furthermore, poorly maintained or improperly-serviced buses also pose a potential hazard to bus drivers, passengers, and anyone else on the road. Because of these differences, it is important to assess the specific type of crash as well as the owner of the vehicle.  The legal theories of negligence vary depending on these and other factors.

School Bus Crashes

School bus drivers, like the drivers of any other types of buses in Michigan, have a legal duty to comply with basic safety laws in order to minimize the potential for an accident. This is especially true when a school bus driver is transporting children. Unfortunately, accidents happen, largely due to how frequently buses are on the road.

If a crash is the result of a school bus driver’s careless or reckless behavior, both the driver and the school district are civilly liable to compensate any injured passengers or another motorist on the road. When these accidents involve children, a parent can file a claim on their behalf.  These lawsuits demand compensation for pain and suffering, mental anguish, and other damages.

Charter Buses and Greyhound Bus Accidents

There are many types of charter buses that can be found on Michigan roads. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Greyhound
  • Megabus
  • Coach USA
  • Express Transportation
  • USA Bus Charter
  • Adirondack Trailways
  • Badger Plus
  • Eastern Travel
  • First Transit

When bus drivers under the employ of these or other companies are the reason for a crash, it is important for an injured passenger or motorist to understand their legal options. As mentioned above, a claimant might be able to name multiple parties as defendants, including the charter bus company or driver, or even the manufacturer of the buses’ parts—depending on how an accident happened.

For example, if a Greyhound bus driver was drinking while driving, this would be clear legal grounds for fault. However, if a bus driver was handling the vehicle improperly due to a lack of training, both the driver and the charter company responsible for employing the driver might both be named as defendants. This is because commercial charter bus companies have additional liabilities as a common carrier that could be explained in depth by a well-versed lawyer.

In fact, retaining legal counsel might be essential as soon as possible after an accident with any type of bus in Michigan. This is because an insurance adjuster working with a commercial bus company might reach out to an injured passenger and try to retain a statement that might void their ability to pursue compensation. Due to this, it is essential for anyone injured in a crash to understand the extent of their legal rights before proceeding.

Airport Shuttles and Hotel Vans

Airport shuttles are common sources for transporting visitors between airports, hotels, parking lots, and other locations central to travel. Unfortunately, it is common for passengers to have to stand while on the bus, or to sit without a seatbelt. Similarly, hotel shuttles are a means of transporting visitors from hotels to different attractions around a city or town. Most casinos, hotels, and motels in the area offer this free service to their guests.

Unfortunately, visitors and hotel guests are often injured as passengers on airport shuttles or hotel vans. Furthermore, other motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists are also at risk of being involved in a crash with these vehicles, due to their size and weight. However, an injured passenger or motorist might be able to file a claim against a shuttle company or hotel if a bus driver under their employ was negligent and caused an accident.

Seeking Legal Counsel for Any Type of Michigan Bus Accident

If you were injured in any type of Michigan bus accident, determining liability and who may be pursued for compensation is essential. However, after a crash, you might be recovering from trauma and overwhelmed by the idea of taking legal action despite a pile of medical bills.

Instead of navigating this process alone, a knowledgeable lawyer could work tirelessly to gather evidence and pursue a claim against the appropriate entities. Call a legal professional at Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. to begin working on a claim.  We charge no legal fees unless you win a settlement!

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