Because of a truck’s size and weight, they often become extremely unstable if they are required to make a sudden stop. When this happens, it is essential that a trucker and their company has taken the necessary steps to ensure that cargo is secured and properly distributed on the rig.

If not, a failure to do this could result in a truck jackknifing and even rolling over. This can result in severe injuries to the trucker, as well as any vehicles in its vicinity. In fact, the entire roadway might be blocked, potentially resulting in multiple crashes and other hazards on Michigan roadways.

If you were injured in a Michigan jackknife truck accident, you are likely to be traumatized and overwhelmed. However, a compassionate lawyer might be able to help. When a trucker’s careless or negligent behavior causes a crash, you have legal options and might be able to pursue compensation by filing a civil claim. With a dedicated attorney on your side, you could have help with each step.

How Does Jackknifing Happen?

By their very nature, semi-trucks carrying loaded trailers are always at risk of being—or becoming—unstable, especially if the trailer is overloaded. As a result, federal regulations create weight limits and proper weight distribution patterns that all truckers and their parent companies are obligated to follow. Unfortunately, as mentioned above, a failure to follow these regulations is the leading cause of jackknifing crashes in Michigan.

A jackknife incident is the result of a sudden shift of momentum from the front to the side of a truck. This most often results from a trucker being forced to make a sudden stop, often when moving at high speeds. Performing an abrupt braking maneuver might cause the cab of the truck to come to a stop at a faster rate than the towed trailer—which results in the trailer sliding off the side of the cab.

This often leads to severe injuries and a hazardous area with often widespread damages. When this happens as the result of a truck driver or their company’s neglect, they could be named accountable for any resulting damage in a civil lawsuit. An attorney familiar with jackknifing accidents in Michigan could help an injured victim seek compensation against an at-fault truck driver and their employer.

Seeking Damages Following a Wreck

Like many other types of truck crashes, jackknifing accidents tend to inflict serious injuries on their victims. If a driver of another car comes into contact with the turned-over trailer, for example, it might result in concussions, paralysis, or even death.

As a result, an injured motorist—or, in the event of a fatality, their surviving family members—can request numerous damages in a claim. These include medical bills and associated medical costs—such as rehabilitation and physical therapy expenses—as well as lost wages from missed time at work.

Furthermore, a claimant might also be able to request non-economic damages to account for the physical and emotional trauma they suffered after a jackknifed truck collision. These damages might include pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and loss of enjoyment of life, as well as scarring and disfigurement. A caring Michigan jackknife accident lawyer could help to assess the scope of a plaintiff’s losses and request full and fair compensation in a civil claim.

Seeking Legal Counsel After a Michigan Jackknife Truck Accident

While any collision with a truck is often traumatizing, a jackknifing incident, in particular, can lead to severe and widespread injuries. However, a knowledgeable lawyer could work tirelessly to help you investigate the cause of a Michigan jackknife truck accident to file a claim.

By working to investigate the scene of an accident, gather evidence, and demonstrate liability, a persistent and practiced attorney might prove to be a valuable ally throughout the entire claims process. Call a legal professional to schedule a consultation today.

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