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If you were vacationing in Mexico and injured at a hotel or resort, you can still file a claim from Michigan.  There are many resort injury lawsuits, including swimming pool injuries, slip and falls accidents, and even food poisoning incidents.  To sue a Mexican resort or hotel, you need a lawyer that specializes in vacation injury cases.  The requirements for suing businesses in foreign countries are unique and you will need a law firm with experience in handling those cases.

There are special rules for filing cruise ship injury lawsuits.  The deadlines are shorter than other personal injury cases and the cases must be filed in the court of the departure city.  To sue a cruise ship company, you should contact a lawyer immediately upon your return back home.

There is no average cruise ship settlement.  Rather, compensation payouts are based upon the unique facts of each case.  Settlements include payouts for physical pain and suffering, psychological distress, and disabilities caused by the incident.  Other damages include payment of lost income and medical expenses.  You can get a settlement that includes all types of damages.

A hotel guest can sue a hotel for injuries and accidents that occur on hotel property.  Under the law, a guest is entitled to the highest degree of care owed by a business.  Common hotel injuries include swimming pool accidents, slip and fall injuries, food poisoning, and elevator injuries.

You can file a lawsuit if you were hurt on a vacation.  Cases can be filed against hotels, airlines, cruise ships, and even transportation companies.  Any business or company that was negligence, careless, or reckless can be sued for a vacation injury.  It depends on how you were hurt and how badly you are injured.

Common types of vacation accidents involving scuba diving, skiing, parasailing, and jet skiing.   Vacationers get injured while on sight seeing tours, riding at theme parks, and off shore excursions.

If possible, you should report your injury to the business owner or operator.  It is best to make a written report so you have proof that the accident happened.  Also, try to get the names of witnesses and their phone numbers if needed to prove your case at a later date.

You still may be able to sue if you signed a liability waiver.  It really depends on the language in the waiver and the city or country where it was signed.  Some courts consider signed waivers a complete defense to a case.  Other places still allow you to sue for your injuries despite signing a waiver form.